Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Welcome Home Wednesday: Home Front

Not so long ago, I had a dream of starting a second blog, one to write about my home and family...and then I was going to just keep this one for crafts. It wasn't very long before I gave that idea up and moved back to Craft Cherry. I have been thinking lately that it would be nice to move the posts about our home over here, but I didn't want to flood my blog with posts that I wrote last year...or bore anyone that might have already seen those posts....SO Wednesday will be dedicated to my home. Hopefully, this will help me stay on top of some of the projects we need to work on and make me take some pictures of the projects we have completed!

Here is our lovely little home as of November 2011:
 (above: general front of house and yard)

 (above: far right front: notice all that ivy...eek)
 (above: front entry: note pebbled walkway with TEENIE pebbles, also drainspout it hanging on to gutter for dear life.)
(above: view from front door. notice the sad state of flower beds?)

Home Front To Do List:
  • PRIORITY: Clear out insane amount of ivy in flowerbeds (Taken care of by our new lawn guys!!)
  • Clear out dead plants from flower beds
  • Remove awful red wood chips that is at least 10 feet thick.
  • Remove or clean up pebble path in the middle of flower bed directly in front of front door: (in progress.)
  • Clean out rain gutters
  • Repair rain gutters
  • Plant new Texas friendly plants
  • Repair right side of driveway
  • Repair sprinkler system  (turns out it wasn't actually broken in the front.)
  • Put together pretty blue rocking bench for entryway
  • Paint back gate white to match with house. 
  • Take current photos in the Spring. Right now, everything still looks dead and sad. 


Arianna Cooper said...

Love this!! Looking forward to all your "Welcome Home Wednesdays"!

alisha said...

Great idea! Maybe one of these years when we buy a house, I'll link up to your "Welcome Home Wednesdays"!:)