Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Happy Seven Months

Last week our littlest bear turned SEVEN months. 
He is still as Happy as ever and always has smiles to give out. 

Those bottom teeth have officially come in and Happy is loving testing them on everything in his reach. 

He learned an impressive Army crawl just days before the 7 month mark...so I had to trap him in his pack and play to get pictures. 

He is still a little guy and just now is starting to fit into 6-9 month stuff.
My favorite moments with him this past month were snuggled up on the couch just memorizing each other's faces and his sweet smile when he wakes up and sees my face. 
Happy has also started giving big sloppy baby kisses. He is very selective about it, so it means a lot if you get one. 
He makes my heart swell.