Monday, December 22, 2008


My hubby declared yesterday National Origami that is pretty much what we did while Lyndon was napping.

I made a few envelopes...which are the perfect size for gift cards.

I made a tiny puppy pop up card :o) I should have taken the picture with a quarter or something...because that's seriously how big the thing is.

Here's a boat. Which was pretty easy...except you had to turn the paper inside out. I don't know how, but I managed to do that without ripping the paper.

This isn't exactly how it looked in the instructions, but I think my snake turned out pretty well. I made it for Lyndon. We have a stack of cards with photos of animals and the cobra is his favorite.

I had to make a crane, because it's such a traditional origami fold.

My favorite was this goldfish fold I found. They are SO much fun. I might make a mobile of them or something. They are kind of top heavy so they don't stand up well.
That's really all the crafting I've done since having Lyndon. During his naps I'm so busy cleaning or getting ready for Christmas that I really haven't done anything else. Hopefully after the holidays.