Friday, December 21, 2012

FAF: Starting Over for 2013 Week 1

So a couple things:
I don't normally do two posts in a day...cause I seem to be lucky these days if I do two in a week...and FAF is back!
I planned to completely start over in January, but then I saw Angie was hosting FAF over on her blog Health NOT to Health Nut and I decided...ya know what...I'll start now.
I'll wait until next week to put in the numbers. Not that they'll change much, but I know Christmas is not going be good in the food department (correction, it will probably be awesome and wonderful...and my scale will really be the only one complaining). Anyway, for the sake of staying happy, I'm ignoring the scale till next Friday.
I started slacking at some point this summer...and while I've tried to get back on track several times, I have REALLY struggled with it. My eating habits have gotten terrible and up until recently my work outs were almost non-existant. It's been getting more and more depressing.
Then a couple weeks ago one of the girls that links up on The Mom Creative's Project Life Tuesday directed me to Elise over at Enjoy It. She decided to run a mile a day. Everyday, from Thanksgiving until New Years. She (and lots of others) document their progress on instagram. If you want to read more go HERE.

It was well past Thanksgiving and I KNEW I wasn't in the shape I needed to be to RUN a mile day, so, I decided to do it my own way. I hit restart on C25K. Some days I walk, others I run, somedays I go 1.5 miles, others 3.5. Here are my first nine days:
I traveled 19.32 miles in 9 days. My goal is to continue this until my birthday...actually it would be ideal to continue it for 2013...but little goals. My birthday is in I figure I can do it.
I'm linking up with Angie.
Come join us, or cheer us on!!
Have a happy and healthy week.

Christmas Lights as Seen by Munch

The other day we jumped in the car and went to see some Christmas lights a few blocks from our house. I took quite a few pictures, but instead of sharing mine, I figured I would share Munch's. (edited by Mama.)

This last one is by me, but it's important that the photographer get into at least one picture!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Project Life: Week 18

Not as caught up as I would like, but it's December and I'm enjoying that. Slowly working on my album...Just showing off one week today.

Week 18:
Page 1:
 Not a ton went on this week. I declared May the Month of Me...and then shut down most activity for the week. We did make some awesome stuffed shells that I made a recipe card, I went through my sneakers (is four pairs of running shoes too much?), caterpillars invaded my garden AND one of my best girls came into town so we got a group together for drinks. Probably too many drinks, but we all had a blast. Really miss her.
Page 2:
When I realized that week 1 completely fit on one page, I kinda panicked, because that did not fit with my plan...and once I actually make a plan I don't react well if I have to change yeah...usually I try not to make plans. ANYWAY...I found a notebook that I had written a few random May notes in. Munch was very concerned with getting big. He wanted to get BIGGER so he could play football and win a trophy. He also wanted to get SO his little brother couldn't catch up. Nox started saying  "TOO!" instead of "I love you, too." He also was saying "Up, HIGH!" when he wanted to be picked up.  
Hoping I can get more caught up this week. I was on a roll for a while...just need to get there again.
I will be linking up with The Mom Creative.

The Mom Creative

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Project Life: Week 17

Got completely sidetracked last week and didn't get a post up, but I'm slightly more organized this week! I decided to post week 17 all on it's own. It's the week my little sister got married, so a pretty big week!

week 17:
page one:
 Pretty relaxed beginning of the week. Hung out with the kiddos and then on Thursday my mother had family and a couple close friends over for a pre-wedding dinner and some gift opening. It was such a nice and intimate evening.
second side with inserts

I used the tall envelope pages from Becky Higgins for the wedding invitation, programs, menu and all the other memorabilia I collected at the wedding. LOVE these envelopes...seriously ingenious.
 It's driving me a little nuts that I can't get these to sit in the correct order in this post, but whatever. On the right is the rehearsal and dinner. On the left are photos of us getting ready...most of which I hijacked from various friends of my sister since I didn't take my camera with me to get ready.
page two:
Eventually, I plan on making myself a photo book of the actual wedding, so I decided against having several inserts. It was SO hard to choosing which pictures to use. Then I went with CVS for the photos and they turned out so yeah...I may reprint with Shutterfly. Maybe not...we'll see, I guess.
I have several weeks of photos finished that just need to be journaled, then I need to tackle the rest of our family vacation. Which will also be in a book, but I'm still struggling with. How do you handle big events and vacations in Project Life?
I'm linking up with Project Life Tuesday over at The Mom Creative.  

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Monday, December 03, 2012

List of Lights to See in the Suburbs of Dallas

One of our favorite holiday activities is to jump in the car and drive around looking at Christmas lights. Mostly, it's just around our neighborhood with no location in mind, but really there are so many places to go see lights here in the Dallas area.

With the exception of 4 and 5 other photos were taken from the sites.
1. Christmas in the Square, Frisco, TX. Choreographed Christmas Lights and Music. Runs November 23 - January 6. On December 15th they have a Christmas Event with Santa, Train Rides and lots of other fun things to do. Check out the flyer HERE.
2. Christmas Tour of Lights, Farmers Branch, TX. A driving tour of lights set up to run December 1st - New Years Eve.
3. Deerfield HOA Plano, TX. The whole neighborhood gets in on the action. Apparently, it's quite the sight to see.
4. Hebron Pkwy & High Sierra Dr. in Carrollton, Texas. The owners of the house go all out for Christmas. They take toy donations and if you are lucky you may even catch Santa checking things out.
5. Carrollton Garden Railroad Display. This family is kind enough to open up their backyard to the community and share their amazing holiday display. All they ask in return is food donations that help out the Metrocrest Food Bank.
I cannot wait to check these out! If you are in the area I would love more suggestions!