Thursday, June 28, 2012

Til' Death...

In February I started a piece of embroidery. I actually finished it a while ago and it sat finished, but unframed on our bar for MONTHS. Well it's up now and looking pretty.

I like how it turned out, but am still a little annoyed that I couldn't get out some of the transfer pencil marks. I think that was the idea, but didn't realize that until afterwards...ya live and ya learn right?

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Beach Cover-up

When I found THIS tutorial over at la vie en rose I had to try it.

It was super easy to make and it was comfy.
 However, I think I made it a tad too small and it kinda moved into an odd position if I walked more than a block in it. got worn once. I'll try again when I get it a little closer to my goal weight. It was nice to finally get a pinned item crossed off my ever growing list.

Monday, June 25, 2012

My Boys Monday: Rock Painting

Sorry it's been so long. There have been a couple bumps on my road of creativity. My computer crashed...and that seemed to take forever to fix. So now, I'm back. I hope.

The previous owners of our home left behind an insane amount of rocks. I'm not talking our yard is just naturally rocky. These are rocks that have been purchased and are ALL over the place. What better thing to do with them than paint them?

 Nox was super excited that he was FINALLY getting to take some rocks inside. It was even more fun when I took out the paints!
(credits: Paint my Garden: Designs by Dydyge and Easy Go Templates: MaybemeJ)

I had forgotten how much fun painting rocks could be. Even better, I didn't have to buy anything. We will surely be painting more rocks soon.