Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Project Life: Week 22

Week 22 took me FOREVER. It was a full vacation week and I took well over 1000 photos, so cutting it down to fit in with my Project Life album was an insane task. It made me realize that I also have to get these photos into their own book. Hopefully sooner, rather than later!

week twenty-two:

page one:
 It's so rare that I am able to get a good family photo of us so I thought that would be perfect for the title card. John and Munch found a hermit crab. Wild hermit crabs are the best. They come say hello, maybe hang out for a little while and then go happily back home. No crazy painted shells or plastic cages. Perfect. We celebrated our seven year anniversary in Galveston and took a nice sunset stroll along the beach. Love the shot of John and I that I took under the pier. It actually didn't turn out great, but the boys doing their own thing in the background seemed perfect. 

insert one:
 More beach photos. I enjoyed a sunrise run along the beach, one of my favorite things to do. John found a dime on the beach and we took it as a sign that my late grandmother was joining us for the morning.  Nox chased seagulls and the boys dug a beach bath....which they spent a HUGE chunk of their time in. Somehow that was much more fun than the ocean which was only a few feet away. 

insert two:
Side one, was a nice morning on the beach. This is the first year in a very long time I felt comfortable having my picture taken in a bathing suit. A huge storm rolled in and we ended up driving around exploring the island. I'm SO glad we did, because we chanced upon the Starship Explorer making it's way to the Houston Space Center. We ended the day with pasta made using fresh gulf shrimp and then a trip to Murdochs to watch the boats on the water. 
Side two was our trip to The Strand. It's mostly just shops, but we have fun walking around and there is an over-sized chess to play with. The highlight for me was the ice cream at the candy and ice cream parlor. 

insert three:
 Phew, not sure I've used THREE inserts in a week yet! After our day at The Strand, we spent our evening on the beach. It's really a wonderful time to go. The beach is almost empty and the kids can just run wild and splash in the pools left by low tide. It's such a magical moment. 
Side two was our last day at the beach. We found another hermit crab and said hello. Nox fell asleep in my arms as we strolled down the beach and once we got home everyone was ready for a nap. 

page two:
I took some time in the morning to take one last stroll along the beach. On some vacations you feel that the end has come and you are almost happy to be heading home. We have been to Galveston twice and I have yet to feel that way. My boys are obviously tired and ready for their own beds, but I have this crazy wish to just stay forever. I really love it there. 
We stopped at Kemah on our way home and were lucky enough to decide on a restaurant with outdoor seating and a view of the water. The boys had SO much fun watching the boats go by. 

I am so happy I finally got our vacation recorded. Makes me really want to get a photo book organized with the rest of the photos. 

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Suzanne said...

Wow looks like a great vacation. I have the same problem trying to narrow down photos to fit in my project life book on big weeks like this. Great pictures :)

Anonymous said...

Great pages! Seeing your pictures makes me wish it was summer again!

Lisa Johnson said...

What a great way to fit in lots of photos of your vacation. It's always so hard to narrow it down to such few photos. But that's one of the things I ♥ about Project Life...it makes me focus on the most important stories I want to tell! Great spread & inserts this week!

Jen T said...

What a fun layout and what a great vacation! I find it is hard to fit vacation photos into the PL without filling half the book with them, so I put a week's worth of vacation photos into my PL book and then just print the rest and put them in a small photo album book. It works well for me. Have a great week!

Anonymous said...

Oooohhh, I want to LIVE at the beach! You've done a great job capturing an entire vacation in a spread + inserts. Last year we went to the beach a few times and oh em gee it was impossible for me to narrow down photos to use. I really need to get better at this! You did a great job, though. I also love how you incorporated a bunch of different sized photos. Great job!

Margie S (Nihao, Cupcake! xnomads.typepad.com) said...

What beautiful beach photos. I especially love the family photo and the sunset picture. Looks like a very fun vacation. I think I need one.

stephanievarno said...

Great pages! Looks like a really fun vacation! I love the title card photo.

Anonymous said...

Looks like it was a wonderful vacation! It looks so luxurious to use so many inserts! Doing my PL digitally, I am always at a loss for what to do with all my extra pictures.

Super cute family photo/title card - they're all super cute!

Kelli @ WhimsiKel said...

This looks like it was such a fun week! I had the same problem narrowing down pictures from the cruise we took last month, so I decided to just pick my favorites and then try my hand at a minibook to tell the whole story (which I still haven't finished). But it was a little bit easier to narrow down because we didn't have the kids with us - pictures of cute boys are SO TOUGH to pick and choose!

Susana said...

The beach is our most favorite place to be in the summer! 1000 pics is a huge task! Awesome getting it done!

I love the colors you used. They look so good with all of the pictures.