Sunday, July 24, 2011

Scrappy Sunday

Scrapbook Flair is having a awesome sale in their shop. They seem to do this about twice a year, so I try to stock up when they do. I've been a little lazy with scrapbooking lately, so I'll have to work hard this week to have an order to put in by next Sunday.

Created using Happiness by Three Paper Peonies and Editorial Layered Template by Katie Pertiet.

Created using Template Inspiration 4-17-11 by Katie Pertiet and Hodge Podge Paper Pack by Sandra Cheng.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Fat Ass Friday - Week 26

Original Starting Weight: 223
Post Preggie Starting Weight: 200
Last Weeks Weigh In: 156
Current Weight: 153
Pounds Lost This Week: 3
Total Pounds Lost: 70

Yesterday I made a HUGE milestone of 70 pounds lost. I spent a lot of time thinking about how I got this far.

Obviously I am not an expert. The same methods that work so well for me…may not work at all for others. This is a reminder to me. To stay on the right track and NEVER give up. If it helps you, wonderful! I am honored to have been of assistance!!

1. You have to WANT to do it. I mean really want to. You have to be truly dedicated to changing the way you live. Because you can’t change it for a couple months and then go back to the way you were living before…if you do that then YOU will go back to the way you were before. So if you start moving KEEP moving. If you start eating healthy meals and the right proportions you need to keep at it. Weight doesn’t just magically stay off; you have to keep it off. Same goes for muscle…if you want it to stay put; you can’t give up on it. You have to WORK for it.

2. Working out shouldn’t be boring or something you dread, because you hate it. Find an activity you love. Everyone has something…TRUST ME. There are so many things in life that get you moving and help you burn those calories and strengthen your muscles. Find at least one thing and embrace it.
(picture of me, taken by hubby and then edited by me)

3. Do NOT give up. EVER. You will hit plateaus and stay at the same weight for weeks sometimes…DO NOT GIVE UP!! If anything push yourself harder. Change your routine. Push the restart button. Your body is getting stronger and faster, even if you think it isn’t. In this same vein, you WILL have bad work out days. I have gone from jogging 25 minutes straight one day to not being able to finish a full minute the next. Take a deep breath and KEEP MOVING.

4. DIET is a four letter word. If you want to be healthy, lose weight AND be HAPPY, you shouldn’t quit all the things you love. If you want an Oreo, fine, HAVE one…just don’t eat the whole box…learn your serving sizes. Also know that if you have one thing you MAY have to cut back somewhere else. There is a huge truth to the words: “Everything is fine, in moderation.”

5. Those “perfect” people in magazines DO NOT MATTER. Go look in the mirror. You are beautiful. I don’t care what you think, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. If you can’t see the beauty, go look for it.

6. You are not in a race. This is NOT a competition. It does not matter how long it takes you, as long as you make your journey a HEALTHY one.

7. Learn to listen to your body. The human body can do insane and amazing things. Your body can do things you would not believe. BUT stop and listen. Sometimes this fantastic machine needs a break. Sometimes it needs to take it a little slower.

8. The word CAN’T can be awful and debilitating. Remember when you were a kid and everyone told you, “You CAN do anything you want to do. You CAN be anything you want to be.”? Apply it to your adult life. Stop making excuses and DO IT!
(Created using word art by P Knox and Paper by Katie Pertiet)

9. Surround yourself with supportive people. It doesn’t matter if they are joining you on your journey or on the sidelines cheering you on, as long as they believe in you!

10. Learn to forgive yourself and CELEBRATE. Life happens. LIVE it.

(taken and edited by me)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Pretty in Pink - Tutu

A couple weekends ago, we went to Austin for a little friend's 3rd birthday party. After some thinking I decided to make her a tutu.
I tried to get Munch to try it on (for sizing purposes), but he thought I was completely crazy. He wouldn't even take my bribes of cookies and candy! When I did finally convince him to put it on for a second, he looked a little unfortunately no blackmail pictures were taken. Luckily, I got the sizing right, despite Munch's best efforts to deter me. I knotted ends and added ribbon, because I thought it added something fun and different.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Fat Ass Friday - Week 25

Original Starting Weight: 223
Post Preggie Starting Weight: 200
Last Weeks Weigh In: 160
Current Weight: 156
Pounds Lost This Week: 4
Total Pounds Lost: 67

Phew! That gain last week must have been water weight or something...or my scale is just evil. Which I really wouldn't be surprised about. Whatever it was, it has passed now...AND I lost a bonus pound Whoo Hooo!!

Austin was awesome. We had a great time with friends and I tried not to stuff my face.

Monday I jogged 26 minutes straight! A personal best! Got some more cardio in, every day, but today. I was supposed to do my 5k but we went out to eat and then drove around and looked at houses instead.

It's funny looking at houses now. The thing I was almost the most concerned with was the street lights for my night jogs...that and how close the houses were to the long walking trail I take the boys on in cooler weather. I'm sure my priorities will change a little once we actually go INSIDE them.

Have a happy and healthy week!!

Friday, July 08, 2011

Fat Ass Friday - Week 24

Original Starting Weight: 223
Post Preggie Starting Weight: 200
Last Weeks Weigh In: 157
Current Weight: 160
Pounds GAINED This Week: 3
Total Pounds Lost: 63

Dammit. I don't know what happened there. I'm really annoyed. I didn't think I had been eating THAT badly, but I guess I have. ARGH.

On the other hand...I have got in a lot of walking. Which is awesome considering the heat. AND I've been drinking my 8 servings of water a day.

On Monday I jogged TWICE. Did 1.5 miles in the morning and then a 5k in the evening. Switched up my 5k route and beat my previous best time by 2 minutes! Woot! AND I got to watch fireworks as I jogged down the hill by my house. That was super awesome. I almost went around so I could watch them again...but decided that sitting at home on the couch was a better idea.

On Tuesday I jogged 1.5 miles.

On Wednesday I was super sore and tired. So I was GOING to take a break, but then decided that was lazy and looked at Verizon On Demand. I found a 10 minute Biggest Loser Jump Start Work Out and thought "Easy Peasy, I can do 10 minutes." calves are still on fire.

Yesterday I got in a 2.65 walk with my Munch. We had a blast.
Now I'm off to get ready to go to Austin for the weekend. We are staying with a close friend of mine and her Hubby is BBQing up a storm...lets see if I can't gain ALL my weight back in one weekend. Kidding. I'll be fine.

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

4th of July Crafty Recap

Wow, this is my 200th post! Sadly, I have nothing exciting planned. Maybe for my 250th!

I hope everyone had an amazing holiday weekend! We started it off by making amazing firework shirts for the boys. I love it when I can get my hubby to willingly craft with me!

Who knew sharpies and rubbing alcohol could create such a fun effect? Aparently Butterfly Jungle cause she has an awesome tutorial to make them: HERE. I'm a little terrified of washing them, they are in the dryer to set again.
I also made myself a shirt, using a tutorial I found over at tatertots and jello: HERE. It was really amazing how fast all the shirts came together! We will totally be making the fireworks shirts for the boys again next year and I will be sporting my awesome new flag tank! We also decided to try out this Red, White and Blue Sangria recipe. It was SO good. Slightly deadly though, I suggest small glasses.And of course Munch had a paint one of his masterpieces. We had a wonderful weekend with family and relaxing and fun. I was sad to see it end!

Friday, July 01, 2011

Fat Ass Friday - Week 23

Original Starting Weight: 223
Post Preggie Starting Weight: 200
Last Weeks Weigh In: 159
Current Weight In: 157
Pounds Lost This Week: 2
Total Pounds Lost: 66

Flipping AWESOME. I'm so excited!! 22 pounds to go before I hit my goal weight. I got two 5ks in and when John worked from home on Tuesday I took advantage of nap time and went out for a 30 minute swim. I can't remember the last time I swam without a kid attached. It felt great and I'm really looking forward to John working from home again.

I had a great girls day with my mother and sister to celebrate my weight loss. I got a few new outfits. I'll take pictures when I get a chance to wear them. I got two pairs of shorts that were size 10. I can't remember the last time that happened.

John and I realized that when we started dating I was an unhealthy size 14. So from here on, I'm the thinnest and healthiest he's ever seen me! That feels really good.

This month I joined my first challenge on Spark People (you can read more about it HERE if ya want.) One of the things we had to do when joining was to take before pictures. I took them and kinda regretted not taking some when I first started out at 223. I'm sure I have some, just nothing like the ones below.
I still have a ways to go...but I'm really proud of how far I've come.

Another thing we have to do is revamp our personal page. I'm still working on mine, but I'm going to add this picture to it. I took it during one of our walks at the nature reserve near our house.

Have a happy and healthy next week AND a wonderful Independence Day if are here in the States! Happy Canada Day if there is anyone from Canada reading my blog!