Monday, October 17, 2016

Eight is Great

My Munchman turned eight on Friday. I've been a Mama for eight years and it's been an amazing ride so far. 

Munch has always been the most laid back kid and unless he's super tired just goes along with the flow. 

He is the best helper and sometimes takes it upon himself to play third parent in the house. 

Munch loves books and would swallow them whole if he could. He always has his nose in a book and in second grade is reading books I was reading in fifth and sixth. 

Munch is my fussy eater and really would prefer if most fruits and veggies just didn't exist, but he LOVES pineapple. 

He loves history and is a super fan of all things ancient Egypt. It is so fun to watch him soak it in. 

He is a great friend, a Boy Scout, a huge hugger, an awesome kid and he is so so smart. He is so amazing in so many ways and I love being his Mama.
Eight is going to be fantastic.