Friday, September 02, 2016

On Nox Turning Six

Mr. Nox turned SIX on Tuesday.

Lately he's been craving alone time. I feel for him. Alone time is a rare and wonderful thing in our house; five humans and three animals can be hard to escape. There have been a few times that I've found him hiding in his closet. I wish I could find such a peaceful spot.

Nox wears his heart firmly on his sleeve. He loves fiercely and still believes the world should be a fair and just place. (Although, sometimes he gets fair for everyone and fair for himself confused.) 

 He mostly avoids snuggles and hugs unless he's saying goodbye or goodnight....breaks this Mama's heart, because this kid gives some awesome monster hugs. Forget holding hands anymore. He is WAY too big for that.

This Summer was the Summer of Wild Kratts. Happy requested every day and Nox soaked up every episode that we could get. It's so much fun hearing what new facts he picked up.

.He started First Grade last week and loves it so far. He is so excited to tell me all about his day when I go pick him up. He still has a few Summer cobwebs to brush from his brain, but he can't wait to learn more.

He is so smart and bright. He is quick to smile, with a side of fiery temper. He has a cheeky, crooked grin that lights up the room. He loves to read to his little brother. He enjoys playing endless games of Plants Vs. Zombies and building Bionicles with his older brother. For the third year running he's the Mixel Master.

LOVE this kid.