Thursday, March 10, 2016

The Words He Says at 22 Months

Happy is a kid of few words. It used to be he would say something once and that would be the end of it, but just in this past month he's decided that using words isn't a bad thing. Very often he speaks in a low pirate growl and it makes me so happy that he's finally showing an interest. 

"Hel" - Help
"Choo-Choo" - Train (also new favorite thing)
"Tea-Ko" - Teacup/Teapot (I'm a Little Teapot is one of his favorite songs)
"Que" - Cute (he picked this up from his cousin J and I'm pretty sure has no idea what it means)
"ShUUU" - Shoe
"Show" - He loves all things Disney with Octonauts and Mickey topping the list
"Hea" - Head
"Ha" - Hat
"Coo" - Cool 
"No" - usually yelled angrily
"Cura" - Color
"Nooo" - Similar to "No" except his finger is squashing someone's Nose and he's super happy about it
"Carrrr" - Car...said in pirate
"Go, Go, Go!" - Rarely said just once...usually said when running is involved
"Here go." - Here you go.
"T" - Please
"Hi" and "Hey!'
"Da-Da" - Daddy

Animals - More sounds than words, but we are celebrating all things verbal!
 "RAArrrrr" - Can refer to a dinosaur, dragon or lion
"Mew-mew" - The saddest cat ever, like left out in the pouring rain with no love or food. SAD. 
"MMMMMMMM" - Cow. The "oo" is always left off. Happy's cows like to hum. 
"Hi, Uck! Wuack-Wuack" - Hi, Duck! Quack-Quack! We visit ducks on almost all our walks. 
"Cheep-Cheep" - Chicks 
"Hoo-ooo" - Owls

At his past couple of check-ups there was a concern about his lack of speech. I'm less worried now and can't wait to hear what new words he learns next.