About Me

Hello and Welcome! I’m Cerise, also known as Cherry to some; if ya want to go the less French route ;o)
I’m a stay at home Mama to three crazy little monkeys; Munch (age 8), Nox (age 4) and Happy (age 2). My hubby and kiddos are born and bred Texas…although I’ve been all over place, starting with Hong Kong, where I was born.

In addition to my boys, I am Mama to 3 furry babies. Two cats, Gandalf (aka Bear), Joplin (aka Bug), and a crazy pup, Kaiser. They are all rescues and totally part of the family.

I love crafting. I’ve tried my hand at a huge variety of different things, but I really enjoy sewing (machine and embroidery), scrapping and crocheting.

I’m a tad Pinterest happy…I have a huge number of boards…and I remember all their names. I obviously haven’t done all the projects I’ve pinned, but I do use my boards for inspirations from time to time.

I am a huge shutterbug and take hundreds of pictures each month. I shudder admitting it, but I’m clueless when it comes to using my DSLR correctly. It’s on my to do list for this year. Seriously, I should know how to work my camera.

I originally started Craftcherry in 2008 as a place for me to just share my creations. For the most part that is what it has remained, although more and more I find myself just wanting to write about my life and kids. I started linking along with Fat Ass Fridays in 2011 and lost 60 pounds with the support of the great blogger community. My last pregnancy put me back to my starting weight, but I'm so ready to get back to where I was.

My weight loss and fitness journey started in 2009...because of my eldest son. He was 4 months old and getting more active by the second….and I had to do something to keep up with him. So I started walking…and then jogging (okay, mostly wogging)….my children are my inspiration for being healthy. Now when we go for our walks, my eldest jogs next to the stroller and encourages me to keep going as my youngest cheers me on. They are my heros. I found myself because of them.

So, these are my kids, my crafts, my life. Enjoy!

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