Friday, September 17, 2010

Foto Friday - Look What I Can Make

Just thought I would add a quick post while I have a sleeping newborn and a behaving 23 month old. On August 30th I went into labor and had this little bundle. It was a super fast labor...I was in the hospital a short 4 hours before I delivered. My nurse had me breath through some of the last contractions just so my Dr. would make it to my room in time for the birth....My mother made it into the room on the last push!

I made him this cocoon for him from a knitting circle contraption I found in a stash of stuff from my aunt and the other day we had a little photo shoot.
And it took me almost 3 weeks but I finally finished the first page in Nox's baby scrapbook.
Birth Day - Sweet Child O Mine by Digital Alchemy and Journal Add On by sherriejd