Friday, January 16, 2015

Eight Months

My little Happy is EIGHT months old now. He's still tiny and just now growing out of his 3-6 month stuff...but man does he have a huge presence in our home.
He has completely mastered his army crawl and is enjoying exploring EVERYTHING.

He can pull himself up to standing like a pro and his is delighted to grab your hands when you reach out to him so he can practice "walking".
The whole sitting milestone kind of sneaked up on us. One day he wasn't and then all of a sudden he was acting like he knew how to do it all along.

Happy gives out his wet slobbery kisses pretty freely to those he loves and adores coming in for a hug and quick snuggle before dashing off on another adventure.

Those two adorable bottom teeth are fully in now and I THINK his top ones are planning an appearance soon.

He prefers a bottle to baby food, but loves sitting down for a good snack or trying whatever is on everyone else's plate.

He talks up a storm now and it is SO SO much fun to listen to. I wish I could bottle it up for rainy days.