Wednesday, May 13, 2015

One is Fun

Saturday Morning our Happy turned ONE!
He woke us up at 3am sharp. He was sick and miserable, but after a few hours of snuggling brightened up a little. 

We didn't get to do the amazing weekend we had planned, but we did get to open presents. 
Which was insanely exciting.

AND we got to have cupcakes. 
Also, super SUPER exciting.

Happy at one is a pretty amazing guy. 

He is super focused on learning to walk. 
He coasts easily all over the place, stands on his own like nothing and even manages a few small steps before crashing. He loves holding hands though, because then he can really move. 

He is SUPER into music. Doesn't matter what really. If it's got a beat he'll dance to it. 

He loves LOVES animals. Our personal, at home zoo cracks him up and delights him. He also loves watching animal videos. Those are pretty much the best things ever. 

He likes to wave, salute and point and everything. He's working on a heart stealing trick of blowing kisses too. 

He likes to talk to and watch strangers, but isn't all about them touching him. Lately, you really have to be the right person at the right time to get holding rights. 

Through this whole year it has been so delightful to have such a joy filled baby. From day one he has been quick to smile. He almost always has a laugh for you, even when he's just gotten tackled by his brothers. 

We all adore this sweet boy and are looking forward to seeing his journey from babyhood to toddler.