Saturday, May 29, 2010


One of my cousin's just had a baby girl, so I'm sending her some goodies.
I made the dress below using the 10 minute onesie dress tutorial from Prudent Baby.
It seriously was the easiest thing I think I've ever made. My sister begged me to keep it and make another...but I pointed out that she doesn't have any children so that would be silly. Not sure she really believed me. She's a little bit of a cupcake freak. :o)
I also made this blanket. It's super girly in comparison to stuff I generally make...and I'm not a huge fan of pink so I had a hard time finishing it. In the end I think it turned out pretty well and strangely enough it's my largest baby blanket so far.
Finally, I'm going to include a bib and a set of cupcake burp cloths. Hope she likes everything!

Monday, May 17, 2010

My Boys Monday

I just finished Lennox's quilt. It's not perfect, but I think it turned out pretty well. I got the pattern for it at Sew4Home. It was pretty easy to follow and I only had one fight with it. Pretty easy fix though.
The instructions say "Place the ... backing fabric and the finished quilt top right sides together with the batting sandwiched in between. Pin in place through all three layers." I did this and when I went to turn it the batting was on the outside of the quilt :o/ Should have realized this was going to happen, but since I don't really make quilts I was paying more attention to the intructions than my brain.
ANYWAY...I took it apart and did this instead:
Place the backing fabric and the finished quilt top right sides together. Place batting on top of backing fabric and pin in place through all three layers.
The next project for the nursery is curtains. Should be an interesting adventure since I've never made curtains before.

Monday, May 10, 2010

My Boys Monday

A week or so ago I was hunting for a t-shirt in my growing stack to make something for Nugget...I was thinking bib or maybe fun diaper cover. Didn't find the right shirt for that project, but Munch did find something. He found Daddy's old Superman shirt and decided to run around the house with, I HAD to make a cape for him! I used this tutorial at Altered Art Junkies. It took about 5 minutes to make and about a week to get decent pictures.
It's hard to get the little man who is faster than a speeding bullet on camera!!
Superman, disguised as a record
Superman saves kittens!
This week I'm hoping to finish Nugget's quilt. Crossing fingers!!

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Monkey Basket

Finally finished a boy basket I've been working on. I really like how it turned out. I was seriously tempted to keep the blanket, except then I wouldn't have a complete basket.
Here is the blanket:

I also made a set of 3 burp cloths, a tag blanket and a bib.

And here is the completed basket. I was thinking about making a matching onesie or something, but I think I'll call it done.
I have a request for a girl basket and have to put together another boy basket. Guess I'll have to do some shopping :o)

Sunday, May 02, 2010

Good-Bye April

I can't believe May is already here!! Seems like this year is really flying. Have to get my butt in gear and start really working on getting ready for Lennox...including his scrapbook!!
Created using: Happy Easter Tag and Circle Frame from Eastertime Kit from Pelzi Design
Background from Easter Memories Kit from RK Design
Stamp Frame from Adobe Photoshop