Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Project Life: Week 21 2012

I spent a good chunk of my weekend organizing my hoard of scrapbook supplies. I have enough to open a few stores...it's ridiculous. I'm thinking I may spend some time just making some extra journal/filler cards, so I will have them ready. There will also be a lot of stickers in future posts...because apparently I have a problem.
week twenty-one:

page one:
 Nox got his little paws on Munch's markers. (I used the left overs of a sticker sheet to make the journal card.) The boys "drove" to the beach and were chased by dragons. Munch picked up his toys without being asked. I taught Munch how to take a self portrait.

Munch drew a picture of the beach. The yellow is the sand, the blue is the ocean and all the colors are fish and hermit crabs. I may do a little write up about it to slip on the other side of the insert, as there isn't anything there now.  

page two:
 We left for our family trip to Galveston this weekend. Almost EVER five minutes for the whole six hour trip Munch would point out that we were going to the beach. When we finally got to our rental cottage, Nox ran and gave the owner a great big hug. He was SO happy to finally be there. Sunday we spent the morning playing in the surf and sand. Nox and Munch buried Nox and we ALL took a long nap that afternoon. I adore Galveston.

And finally, one of the reasons I do Project Life at all:
It fills me with so much joy when my boys get excited to look through the album pages. I'm not sure Nox remembers much about the events that happened over the course of last year, but he is SO happy to look through the memories I have collected. LOVE IT.

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Margie S (Nihao, Cupcake! xnomads.typepad.com) said...

Such pretty beach photos. I love including my kids' artwork in my PL album. So nicely done. Have they started bringing you things to add to your album? If not, they will soon enough! So fun!

MeganKP said...

Hey Cerise,

Just wanted to say thank you for the comment on my blog! Love your pages for Project Life too! Good luck at the dentist next week too!


stephanievarno said...

Great layouts! Now I really want to go to the beach! I love the "self portrait" photos, too. So cute!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the visit to my blog, Cerise! I replied to your comment over there and then came here to check out your PL. I really like the colors you used and how they go with your photos and I adore all the stickers! Those beach photos are just beautiful, too.

Chrisy Clay said...

So sweet to see your little one looking through your PL album.
Love your beach photos too.

Nirupama said...

Love your pages! I know how you feel with the stickers, I just have so many. I try to use them, but only a few end up on my pages each week.