Friday, January 04, 2013

Fat Ass Friday: 2013 Edition - Week 1

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2013 Starting Weight: 165
Weight GAIN 22 pounds from last March when I made it to 80 pounds lost. SIGH. It's okay though. I'm starting over, moving on. Last year was a rough year, emotionally for me. This year WILL be different.
Yesterday, I started tracking my food over at Spark People again. (I'm Rencherry if ya want to come join!) I felt hungry all day, but I expected that after the the insane way I've been eating.
I'm going to continue my mile a day. 
Miles traveled so far: 7.08
I restarted C25K last month and am on week 3 now. It feels so good to be getting back into my grove.
I've already signed John and I up for two 5K runs this year.
The Firefly Run in March
The Color Run in April (check out my post on last year's run HERE.)
Hopefully we'll be adding more to the list. Only fun runs, nothing serious...we are all about fun here :o)
Have a happy and healthy week!


Miss Angie said...

You are still doing so much better than me, you seriously kick butt girl! You have got this!

Thanks for linking up, and for the sweet comments!

alisha said...

You are fantastic Cerise! Absolutely an inspiration. I'm getting back on tracking as well. I can't seem to escape some massive knee pain right now to try working out as any kind of movement, or even lack of movement hurts insanely bad right now... I over Just Danced with my lil sis Monday! It was fun, but man I screwed up my knee.

Crazy Me said...

Sounds like you have a great plan to be successful! I am up 12lbs, doing what I call my junk food detox now, the holidays kicked my butt. I LOVED the color run last year! Good luck, you CAN do this!