Friday, March 09, 2012

Fitness Friday - Week 10

Original Starting Weight: 223
Last Weigh In: 143
Current Weight: 143
Pounds lost since last weight in: 0
 Total Pounds Lost: 80
So, I have a confession, I didn't actually weigh myself this week. It was my birthday yesterday and I believe that calories don't count and pounds don't even exist on birthdays. So I'm putting them up there, but ignoring them.
The weather is crap I did not do the run/walk/jog of the green belt by our house. As soon as I get a nice day that my hubby is home, I'm doing it and I'll take lots of pictures. :o)
On Sunday I took a hike with my little sister. We talked about my weight and I mentioned how I am so proud of how far I have come. I also talked about how I wouldn't cry if I lost more weight, but I was happy where I was. I love walking into a store and knowing that a size 8 is going to fit. I love that I'm usually a size medium on top, but sometimes I get the thrill of finding a nice size small.
The days of hunting for decent looking size 22 are over. I will NEVER again be a size XXL. I won't EVER again tear apart my closet in tears because NOTHING fits.
I talk about weight and sizes but that really isn't what it's about. I really believe that as long as you are healthy and comfortable with the person in the mirror, then you go girl! It shows. Healthy and happy people have a glow to them. I was NOT happy OR healthy. Eighty pounds ago, I hated even passing a mirror. I felt like EVERYTHING I put on was tight, even if it wasn't. My feet and back hurt all the time. My real moment of realization was when Munch started to crawl and REALLY become mobile. I got so tired and out of breath chasing him around. It had to stop.
This week I needed to clear out some storage on my computer and was going through photos. I was shocked at some of the pictures I found. I guess I had just blocked the girl I was out of my head. I didn't want to remember, even though it's important to remember. So, I decided to put together some before and after pictures.
Eighty pounds later....
... my feet don't hurt all the time and my back has stopped aching...
...I don't always love the girl in the mirror, but I'm usually at least okay with her...
...I not only feel younger, I like to think I look it...

...I still can't completely keep up with my kiddos, but I don't give up after the first five minutes...sometimes, I even manage to wear THEM out too.

Have a happy and healthy week!!


Sonia Kim said...

Omg, cherry. You are such an inspiration!!! :) you look amazing, btw. Never realized how much you lost, cuz I don't get to see you. Maybe I've always pictured you as the happy, cheerful lovely woman/mother/artist you are that I see on Facebook. ;) <3 ya!!

Anonymous said...

I am so proud of you!!! You look fantastic!! see you tomorrow hugs MK

Anonymous said...

Fantastic! You did so incredibly well, and your blog on Craft Cherry is so very wonderful.
Love you!

Angie's Spot said...

Happy belated birthday!!

Your before/after pics are AWESOME! So inspiring! I can't wait to be able to do a post like this after I've lost that kind of weight. It seems like something that is so far away, but I'm going to stick with it.

Brandy@YDK said...

you look so great. it's absolutely amazing!

rebecca wisor said...

Went to leave a comment on your current post, and just HAD to follow this link here. OH. EM. GEE. That amount of dedication and hard work is AMAZING!!! I've been slowly (can it be slowly?) hit rock bottom lately, and know that the time is now to start doing something. ANYTHING. I lost all my baby weight 9 years ago, and the last 5 years or so it's just been ME. Getting older and not adjusting my diet to my slower metabolism and not getting active to compensate. A pound or two a month after that long equals SIXTY pounds that needs to go. Hard to do when I don't loathe my body, and am perfectly happy...until I have to go clothes shopping :) You're an inspiration!!!