Tuesday, January 01, 2013

2013 Resolutions

1. Blog more. I've gotten really bad about only blogging once...MAYBE twice a week. I'm hoping that this year I'll be blogging much more.

2. Find the girl I was in February and March of 2012. I'm going to start tracking my food again tomorrow and on Friday I will officially start up my Fat Ass Friday posts again, whether or not there is a linky party to join. John and I are getting a 3 month/winter membership to the rec center so we can use their gym and have NO excuses for not working out. Rain and cold will not stop me from reaching my goals!

3. I really want to craft more this year. I seemed to have fizzled out sometime after April and never got my crafting mojo back. Well, I'm hitting my overflowing Pinterest boards and I'm going to start crafting again.

4. Continue with mile a day. Technically, I think it was supposed to end on New Years Eve...but I find that posting it on instagram has almost given me a boost in motivation. So I'm going to see how long I can go. Started 2013 off with 3.4 miles and it felt great!

5. PROJECT LIFE! I've been working hard to catch up on 2012. Snapfish has a few more hours left on there 99 for 99 cent deal and I'm trying to talk advantage. The big variety pack is due to hit Amazon on Friday and I have my planner ready to go. I'll have more on how I've set up for this year next week. I should have the title page and first week done by then. I love LOVE this project...and I adore looking over the pages I've completed. It feels so great to have all those memories recorded and so many photos printed. Before they were just sitting on my computer where no one could see them.

6.  Read these books and then read some more. Currently on my nightstand:
7.  Sit down and actually learn how to use my camera. I got it in 2011 to use for my Munch's birthday and then my In-Law's officially gifted it to me that Christmas...still don't know how to use it to it's full potential. John got me some filter lenses for it and I am determined to learn how to use everything.

8. Cook up a Feast of Ice and Fire. There are some really fantastic recipes in here. They are mostly Medieval recipes with quotes from the books naming their locations. Some recipes even have modern versions. We thought about having a Game of Thrones premier party, but I'm just not sure how that would work with the munchkins.

And that's my 2013 game plan. It looks like a lot, but I don't think I went overboard.

Wishing EVERYONE a happy and healthy 2013.


Miss Angie said...

You have totally got this! I will have to be better about putting FAF up in the mornings! That is one of my goals too! :)

alisha said...

Agree with Miss Angie, you've totally got this! And I really must put up my resolution list. Love your photo collage for it!

Arianna Cooper said...

Your resolutions look great! Really looking forward to your Fat Ass Friday posts!