Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Project Life: The Process and Week One

Pretty photo heavy post this time, but I thought it would be fun to do a post of my process.

1. Get a couple binders, planner and large variety pack of Project Life Page Projectors
I use Recollections binders I got at Michaels a couple weeks ago. Couldn't pass up buy one get one! The planner is  from Paper Coterie a half off + gift card buy. I use the planner to jot down notes about the day as it happens or at the end of the day.)
2. Separate protectors and make new Project Life themed table cloth. (kidding) 
I have extras of Design F cause I LOVE to use them for big weekend events.  I also ordered a We R Memory Keepers multi pack to play with)
 3. Throw protectors into two albums...mostly at random.

4. Label each week with the dates and week numbers.
I used my Silhouette to cut the numbers using Karla Dudley's  Everyday Life Number Circles, available at the Silhouette store. 
 5. Edit and Organize your photos for the week in progress. (Most are already edited...so this isn't a long process.)

6. Sticky note it up. I have to add notes on where the pictures will go, where I want journaling/filler cards. 
This is also when I make sure I have my memorabilia for the week organized.
  7. Pick up mass order of pictures...or have your hubby do it, because he gets to go out with his pals afterwards ;o)
I have boycotted my local Walgreens for almost two years and finally broke down, because they had a good deal on prints. I was SO SO happy with my order. ALL the pictures were cut exactly to 4x6 and NONE were crazy dark. SO happy. Also...this is mostly 2012, which I'm still catching up on. Making some great progress though!
 8. Distract adorable boys with Legos....and get to work!

9. Step back and admire a job well done!
week one layout

My journaling didn't show up well in the pictures, the paper I went with is pretty crazy.  I decided to include my 2013 Resolutions and a couple pieces of art the boys did. 
Thank goodness for instagram...cause that is ALL I used this week. 
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Kelli @ WhimsiKel said...

What fun pages! Love the artwork you included from your boys. And I'm a huge fan of your numbers for your title pages. What a great idea to post your process - thanks for sharing!

Nirupama said...

Great job! What an awesome post into the way you get it all done :) I rely heavily on long nap times..

Nirupama said...

The artwork is such a great addition!

Jenn said...

I love how you tied the whole page together with the same paper, will have to try that in my album!! Great pages!!

Stephanie said...

These pages are so cute! I love how you included the artwork! I also love how you seeing your whole process.

Linda Jordan said...

My album is full of instagrams also, I don't have a good camera right now so it's pretty much just iphone photos! I love the washi tape you used, so cute!! I love how you have a uniform color scheme, my album is all over the place, haha!

Lisa Johnson said...

I ♥ that page of all instagram photos! I also like all that cute washi tape you used. :)

alisha said...

LOVE. I know you partially did this post for me, didn't you? :P I didn't post last week for PL. And I haven't yet this week. I haven't finished my stinking title page yet! I got a laptop, and now we are struggling to get some photo editing software that's on the super cheap (free) and compatible with Windows 8, and me personally... Really frustrated. But we THINK we finally got a version of Elements and are going to hopefully get it set up tonight.

OH- And I have a question! Why 2 binders?

Chrisy Clay said...

Wow - great pages Cerise.
I love how you incorporated the kids artwork into your weekly artwork.
Looking forward to seeing what you do next week.

Sandy said...

Hi there! Thanks for stopping by my blog.I love visitors! And I love stopping by as well and I'm glad I did. Love your progress and your pages are great in that page design. I need to start using washi tape! :)