Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Welcome Home Wednesday: Master Bedroom After

Last week I posted what our Master looked like when we moved in. I am so happy with the way it looks now. It looks kinda sparse in these pictures, but it's my peaceful haven. Exactly what I wanted it to be. 

We went with a gray and yellow theme, which may be over done, but it works so nicely in this bright and airy room. Our last home the room always kinda seemed a little like a cave. John pulled the old icky carpet and put in new gorgeous laminate. 

The boys painted the art work above our bed for Father's Day a couple years ago. I was worried that they may look a little small, but I think they are perfect. 

In the Spring and Summer the Balding Cypress and the Texas Pecan shade our back yard. I love laying on the bed, reading and looking out that window at the green in the trees and wildlife. 

This is the corner where I usually set up a card table and sew. The natural light in here is just amazing. 

Here is a better view of our gallery wall. It took me FOREVER to make my mind up on placement. 

I just recently finished the heart embroidery below. I bought the pattern over at Urban Threads. The yellows and metallics don't show up against the gray background as much as I would like, but I still really love the piece. 

This piece was created using a crochet doily that was passed down to us from John's Mimmie. I believe that she made it, but I'm not positive of that. Either way it's a little piece of her that we can keep near to us. 

I thought it might be fun to include a couple side by side, before and after shots. 

I found a picture of what the house looked like when we first looked at it. Thought it was interesting to see our different styles paired up. 

So that's the pretty much finished Master. I want to get a piece of art to go above the desk and I have some pretty vintage fabric that needs to be made into throw pillows, but other than that I think it's complete. 


Christine said...

I love it. Those are colors that I personally would use for a bedroom and I secretly want to steal that rug.

michelle said...

Inspiring! I'm in desperate need for some home decor inspiration too.

Kristina said...

I love that rug, I think it's from IKEA. I want to go buy it so bad.

Ricki Jill Treleaven said...

So happy you got rid of the minty-fresh....LOVE the blue! And your gallery wall looks great. I'm working on one on this small wall between our kitchen and dining room.

Nirupama said...

Really pretty, love the colors and that rug. Your hoop art looks really good too!