Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Distracted by Spring

My blogging has been a bit off so far this week. So have a few other things. The weather has been just amazing this past week and we've spent a lot of time outside....Insane amount of weeding. John brought some plants home on Saturday so we got to fill in some "bald spots" from our caterpillar infestation and some experiments gone awry. We've replanted the veggie garden with bell peppers, jalapenos and tomatoes. 
Last year's infestation....almost nothing survived. :o/
Spring has officially come to our part of the world and I'm soaking up every minute. I'm itching to clean out the cabinets and closets. I would love to do more yard work...even though there isn't much left I can do...maybe I'll do some strength training so I can lift the mulch bags. ;o)

The other day, I forced the boys out of the house into our yard to play. Still having trouble figuring out what the problem was, they really did love it once they were out there. They spent a quiet moment laying on the ground looking up at the sky and trees. 

Lyndon is blowing daffodil seeds and wishing for a bird to call his own. (I'm fairly certain that our three cats would LOVE that.)

I've been talking to the wisteria vine that grows over my fence from the neighbors yard. The house was foreclosed a couple weeks ago (after sitting empty for at least a year)...I'm fairly certain that the yard guys that come every five seconds killed the gorgeous plant. This time last year it was in full bloom and there are no signs of life just yet. 
Last year's blooms. 
Luckily, it seems to spread quickly and I have a couple vines growing far away from the evil neighbors. Just need to get them a trellis so they can grow and spread like they should.

I hope wherever you are, you are enjoying the first day of Spring. I know it's still snowing in some areas, but have a wonderful day anyway!


Nirupama said...

Having little ones has given me new appreciation of dandelions. Hope that wisteria starts to take root (take vine?) and starts to bloom for you! Rotten neighbors are the worst!

Miss Angie said...

Spring stopped by here for a minute, but didn't stay... It's supposed to be snowy all weekend, but that's utah!

Happy Friday!