Saturday, March 23, 2013

FAF 2013: Week 12 Confessions

2013 Starting Weight: 165
Last Weigh In: 158
Current Weight: 161
Lost This Week: 3
Total Lost: 4

::wince:: :o( 

I confess that I've not being doing great since my birthday run. 

I confess that I had to take a week off from any kind of workout because of an injury. 

I confess that this put me in a funk and I started making bad eating choices. I mean just awful choices. 

I confess that I don't always listen to my body. I did run a 5k on Tuesday. During my warm up my right foot started hurting...AGAIN. I ran anyway. The last mile was agony...I did this strange limping run and kinda hobbled the rest of the night. I made one of my best times. :o/ So nope, probably did not learn my lesson. 

I confess that I am slightly terrified of my race tonight, because of my stupid foot. It might rain...there MIGHT be thunderstorms...there is a small part of me that hopes it has to get rescheduled, so that I have some time to get new running shoes that I seem to be over due for. Not thinking this is likely though. So if anyone is at the Firefly Run in Plano tonight and you see a girl limp/running, while singing "I Will Survive"....yeah, probably me. 

Leaving on a decent note, my mileage did go up this week. So yay!
2013 miles as of last week: 105.35
Miles logged this week: 5.63
Total Miles: 110.98

Have a happy and healthy week and hope that I do too!!

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