Friday, March 29, 2013

FAF 2013: Week 13

Yep...not showing my weigh-in this week. Lets just say, I am REALLY not impressed with myself right now, and move on. Here is my mileage instead :o)

2013 miles as of last week: 110.98
Miles logged this week: 6.61
Total Miles: 117.59 

John and I did the Firefly Run 5k last weekend. I really wasn't sure the weather would hold up, but except for a little misting it was fine. 

I had planned on buying more glow stuff, but we had fun dressing up in bright clothes.

 John spotted some "weights" and had to show off. :o)

Here we are waiting for the okay to start!

It was hard to get decent pictures after it got dark. These really don't do it justice. 

My foot didn't let me run the whole time, but my lungs seemed to do alright. We walked when we had to and ran as much as we could. There were a lot of people walking and running. So many people in all different age groups. Munch would have thought the music was too loud, but maybe we'll try bringing the boys next year. It was really so much fun. This was our second 5K together and we haven't worried really about getting chips to keep our times. It's really more about picking runs that are geared towards fun, however I did time it and we finished in just over 47 minutes. Not my best time, but I'm not worried about it. 

We have The Color Run next week and I am REALLY looking forward to it. Last year was a blast. 
Have a Happy and Healthy week!!

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Ricki Jill Treleaven said...

:D Y'all are too cute, Cherise! You're doing so well!!! I need you to encourage me about Pilates, LOL!

Your scrapbook pages are looking great!

Have a wonderful weekend,

Miss Angie said...

Well I AM IMPRESSED WITH YOU! Still 6 miles logged! Amazing chica! You are awesome!

Kelly Vincent said...

This is a great blog! I'm impressed that you are so open with your weight loss journey! That is something I definitely need to be working on too. Good luck with the Color Run! Thank you for reading my blog!