Tuesday, March 12, 2013

My Happy Thoughts: Coming of Age

I'm feeling really awful today, so I'm glad I have this list to cheer me up and make me feel at least mentally better. 

Friday was my birthday. My father pointed out that 33 is a hobbit's coming of age, which made me feel happy and excited to turn 33. My sister and I got introduced to J.R.R. Tolkien at a young age, I have super fond memories of my father reading me The Hobbit when I was little. When I was pregnant with Munch, John would read it to me at night while I crocheted. There is something comforting and wonderful to me about all things Middle Earth. Even the bad and scary stuff. 

On Friday I ran 7.65 miles. My personal distance record. Pretty sure I injured my foot, but I am so proud of myself for doing it and it was exhausting, but so much fun.

Again on Friday we went out for my birthday dinner with my Mum, sister and brother in law. The food was awesome, the company wonderful, the kids behaved and it all ended with a lion dance. The whole night made me happy.
Munch pretty much stayed under the lions beard the entire time it was at our table. 
Saturday, John and I headed out to Fort Worth for the Funky Finds Spring Fling. The day was fantastic and I might do a post on it later...but in the meantime, I am so happy that this guy organized it:
not sure why he looks like he's scowling, but I love this picture.
Sunday ended my birthday festivities with a cake and mini birthday party with my 3 awesome guys. I'm so lucky to have them in my life.

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Miss Angie said...

Awe, great things to be happy about, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY! My daddy was obsessed with JRR Tolkein too, and I loved The Hobbit.

Could not make it through any of the Lord of the Rings though... lol

Ricki Jill Treleaven said...

Happy Birthday! YAY for 33~

You have such an adorable family. Congrats on your run...you are really dedicated and determined. YAY!


Thanks for linking-up!