Friday, March 15, 2013

FAF 2013: Week 11

2013 Starting Weight: 165
Last Weigh In: 158
Current Weight: 158
Lost This Week: 0
Total Lost: 7

Blah. Injured my foot during my run last Friday and only yesterday did it really start to feel better...didn't pay a lick of attention to what I ate. Have a race next weekend...and feeling slightly panicked. Need to kick it up several notches. 

I DID get out the past couple days for some serious yard work...YAY!! Spring officially starts next weekend and I am itching to start planting stuff again. I LOVE working in the yard, even love the soreness my muscles feel. 

We also did get to visit the zoo with my dad and sister on Wednesday and judging from the stiffness and soreness, I'm pretty sure I walked 500 miles. Or maybe that was just from holding Nox halfway home in the train. Goofy boy. 

2013 miles as of last week: 105.35
Miles logged this week: 0 
Total Miles: 105.35
(Although, I'm pretty certain I logged at least a few at the zoo...but since I didn't try to track it, we won't count it.)


Florence Kang said...

Hey Cerise! I need to start exercising regularly also. I really have no excuse, especially with you having two boys to take care of!

Nirupama said...

Hope your foot feels better in time for the race. I always feel like the zoo is great exercise. I think I lose weight just from sweat alone there. ps. thanks for following me on Etsy and BlogLovin!

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

Hey 7lbs this year is still great!! Good for you. I need to get back on track.