Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Project Life...in Progress

I don't have any finished pages to share this week. I was busy with Munch's 4th birthday and party so Project Life kinda took a back burner. Pictures from weeks 8 and 9 are ready to be printed and placed in their protective holders, just need to do it.

At the moment they look a little like this:
 Joplin is sleeping on a box lid for my husband's Magic cards...
 She obviously doesn't care that she was in the way.
Thought I would also share my little boxes of supplies.

I use an Anthropologie gift box for my 3x4 cards and a faux cigar box for my 4x6 cards and some misc memory items. My mini paper cutter has been a life saver while doing this project. I have a large box full of paper scraps that I have been slowly cutting down to Project Life size. The uncut cards in the corner are from Miss Tiina. Her work is really fun and cute and she has a TON of free fonts that I only just discovered today. Next week I should have weeks 8 and 9 ready to share...probably more, but I'm thinking I'll keep it to two at a time.

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Lisa Johnson said...

I ♥ that you posted where you are in the process.

I think too often we think things have to look perfect before we share.

I also think that just having an idea of what we want to put in the pockets is 1/2 the battle! GO YOU! :)

Katie's Nesting Spot said...

I have begun to cut down my scraps to 3X4 too, it's so nice to have a stash to refer to when I need to fill a spot.

Nirupama said...

Sounds like a great way to use up your paper scraps. I love those print ables too!

alisha said...

I just got the last of my Project Life stuff in! I need to get one of those mini paper cutters now and get to work!

alisha said...

Oh. And Joplin rocks! She wasn't in your way, you were in her way! :P
Or better yet- she was supervising!

Sarah Zinkel said...

i love seeing how people organize their project life supplies. mine are a MAJOR mess right now, so i appreciate the inspiration!