Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Project Life: Weeks 10 and 11

The photos this week are a tad awful, but I guess they'll work.

Week 10:
 This was my birthday week. We didn't have great weather, like I always hope for, but it was a great week all the same.

Page 1:
  I booked our family vacation this week, too. The cottage in the photo is the wonderful place we have stayed for the past couple years. It's one of my favorite places.

Page 2:
When I first decided to start Project Life, I ordered the Big Variety Pack 1. When I got it I put all the pages in my album randomly (mostly). I've exchanged pages here and there, but for the most part stuck with the order I threw in there. This was the first time I had to work with the 6x6 squares. I really wasn't sure how I felt about this layout at first.  I didn't use all the pictures I printed, because I misjudged what would fit, but in the end I really liked how they turned out.
Week 11:
 Page 1:
I love how the gardening layout turned out.  We worked so hard in our new garden this Spring. It didn't ALL work out, but this week it looked beautiful and everything was beginning to bloom.

Page 2:

Most of this layout is St. Patrick's Day. We had SUCH a wonderful day. The boys got to ride their tricycle for the first time and John got some really wonderful pictures of the boys and I. I even managed to cook a great Corn Beef and Hash. The You Are My Lucky Charm was a lunch note freebie from Amy Stoffel.
Today I got the Photo Pocket Pages Small Variety Pack 1. So SO excited to use these pages. I have a bunch of weeks coming up where these will come in handy.
As always I'm linking up with The Mom Creative for Project Life Tuesday. 
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Arianna Cooper said...

Loving page 2... :)

Pink Ronnie said...

Well done you trying to use all the different protectors in the pack! I have to admit, I've ignored all the various designs except for Design A!
Ronnie xo

Jen T said...

I also think it is awesome you are using all the different page protectors. I have also mainly stuck with Design A. Love your layouts!

Nirupama said...

Love how your album is coming together. The 6x6 pockets, look great! I think they are hard to work with too..

Lisa said...

I too like the look of the bigger pockets. They are like mini layouts!

Lisa Johnson said...

I ♥ how brave you were to try the variety pack of plastics.

I'm too set in my ways and just use Design A. The pages in the 6x6 squares look great.

That "you are my lucky charm" spot is FABULOUS!

tree said...

the 6x6 page turned out great! i also nabbed a variety pack but i've mostly stuck to design A and the inverse of it (forgot what it was!) and have been too afraid to venture out into the others...that said, love your photos!!

stephanievarno said...

The pages are adorable! I love the "lucky charm" page!!

Jessica B said...

Such great layouts!

Katie's Nesting Spot said...

We must be born around the same time, I'm March 13th. I think it's interesting that you put the protectors in a random order and then just fill them as you come to them. I think I over think which ones to use which week.

Kristin said...

Great pages!