Monday, October 29, 2012

Christmas Ideas: Melissa and Doug

First, I would like to apologize. I hate thinking about Christmas before December even hits, but our year gets completely insane towards the holidays (doesn't everyone's) and so I try to start thinking of gifts early so I can enjoy spending time with my family. The holidays are SO much more fun and relaxed when all the presents are purchased.

Melissa and Doug is one of my favorite places to go for gifts. Their toys are so durable and always encourage imaginative play. They are so much better than most of the plastic, battery powered stuff out there and my kids LOVE playing with all of it.

This year Melissa and Doug introduced personalized gifts. Like me, my boys have rather slightly unusual names, so finding things with their names is pretty hard. Munch just started writing his name and gets excited when he recognizes his name on something. We may use our last name on some personalized items as they get handed down, but either way I was super excited to hear that Melissa and Doug was offering this service. Munch and I were looking at all the stuff they offered this morning and he already has a list. Here are some of our favorites:
We have been watching a lot of Doc McStuffins and my boys LOVE their this Doctor's Costume is fantastic.
Munch started writing to his friend in Austin this year and so he loves the mail now. This cute mailbox would be perfect for the boys to play mailman.

We have been working on writing and spelling so I really think this see and spell game would be awesome. 
We haven't flown with the boys yet, but they (as with most kids) are fascinated by planes. Munch got very excited when he saw this set and said he NEEDED it. 
At $1.99 per item, personalization is really affordable and Melissa and Doug has a HUGE selection. Can't wait to go shopping with them this season.
(all images courtesy of Melissa and Doug)

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Amber said...

My daughter LOVES Doc McStuffins, I'm so glad I found this idea! The doctor stuff would be perfect.