Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Project Life 2013: Weeks 12 and 13

This weekend I got close to the rest of my 2013 pictures printed. Just need to print December! I still need to work on journaling, but once the photos are in place the rest just seems to get completed super quickly. So YAY!

Warning this is a photo heavy post, but I really wanted to get back to sharing 2 weeks at a time.

Here is week 12:

page one:
I'm pretty sure most of the cards I used for this week are from the Honey kit. My favorite part of the first half of this week was painting with the boys. They did a couple canvases that we now have hanging in our living room AND Munch helped me paint some Project Life filler cards. I included one along with a picture of the others. It was a great way to use up the extra paint.

right: The boys decorated cameras in their Mommy and Me class so I HAD to include them. I was lucky enough to get a couple of  cute pictures to add that weekend.
left: Selfies by Munch and some of Nox's first photos.
note: I also included an insert of our racing bibs from The Firefly Run, but didn't get pictures. 

page two:
right: Visit from Papa and Nana; LOVE the pictures I got of Nox and Papa. And a Lego build. 
center: John and I did The Firefly Run. It was damp and cold, but we had a blast. There were a few people that didn't get into the spirit, but so many were covered in neon and glow sticks. Looking forward to doing this race again. 
left: My husband's (and mother's) company puts on a Easter picnic every year and we went. It was so much colder than we had expected, but it didn't bother us. We had a blast doing the egg hunts and riding the rides. 

This is my FAVORITE part of the page. My Publisher sells these tiny photo books. There are twenty pictures in this one, which was PERFECT for the rest of the pictures I took at the company picnic. They go on sale every so often and so I just waited until a sale. I think I paid about $3 (including shipping) for 2 copies. 

and week 13:

page one:
This week was filled with giggles, a new Easter dress from my husband, an Easter egg hunt in class and me making a House Sigil, cause it's fun to pretend you are an important House in Game of Thrones. 

insert one:
Chickens the boys painted in class. 

insert two:
Our Easter morning. The boys got some fun baskets from the bunny and had their third (of FOUR) egg hunts. My mother had brought over a ham pie the day before so I had to eat a slice for breakfast.
We were totally that family that waited until Easter morning to decorate eggs. Queen of Procrastination, right here.
page two:
The rest of our Easter Sunday was spent at my mother's house with my sister and brother in law. The boys had their final egg hunt and we played in the back yard. 
Nox passed out on the floor almost the second we got home. 

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Kenzie S said...

I love how it turned out! I wish I had the time, creativity, and determination to do something like this. It's a fun and great way to capture all those great moments :)

alisha said...

I am aching to get back to my PL again... So far behind.

Katie from Katie's Nesting Spot said...

You are on a roll, I love all the kid art in the weeks you shared. Those chickens are so cute. Do you keep the full sized too? I have my daughter's preschool stuff and I took pictures of it but still can't seem to toss the actual work.

I have looked and looked at those MyPublisher books, they sometimes have really good sales, like 60% off I want to say, but I never actually get one. It's so nice to see that you liked yours. I never thought to include it on a PL page, great idea!

BTW the Game of Thrones reference cracked me up. I don't know if I'd want to be a family on that show...don't you know all sorts of bad stuff seems to happen to everyone! I can't wait for the new season, even though I've read all the books it's so much fun to see how they turn the story into TV.

lisaplus6 said...

I LOVE the cameras! so great to see so much of your children in your album! lovely!

Nirupama said...

Love these pages! The greens blues and yellows are so pretty together!
ps. Sorry about my lack of commenting lately, chalk it up to doing everything one handed lately!