Monday, March 03, 2014

Currently: Brother Edition 3.3.2014

Watching: King Tut: Unwrapped on Netflix. Over and over again. Munch is definitely working on a Ancient Egypt obsession.

Reading: Bob Books. Munch is back to reading and he's doing so SO incredibly well. I am so proud of him. He's been trying to move through them quicker than he should, but he's awesome at practicing when I'm not sitting with him and he's even been patiently trying to teach Nox to sound out words. Nox is totally just memorizing what each page says, but it's great to see him show an interest in reading.
Mama Bear Rant: If my child asks to read to you, please try to be supportive and show interest. Please do NOT ignore him and refuse to sit with him. Also, if you do sit with him, do NOT come up to me afterwards and tell me how he's "just memorizing stuff", like you are completely unimpressed with him. He can hear you and I'm his teacher so it really makes me think that you feel I'm incompetent. We've been working really hard and he isn't memorizing the books, he KNOWS the words...I test him. Seriously, if you do these things it makes me want to ban you from my house. Keeping kids interested in learning isn't always easy. Acting like their hard work isn't a big deal or that they are just faking learning is an awesome way to discourage them. Sorry, rant over, this Mama Bear is just sensitive when it comes to her cubs (made doubly true due to pregnancy). I tried to just get over it, but it was eating away at me every time Munch picked up a book, so a rant was necessary.

Listening: Yesterday we listened to thunder rumbling as ice rained down on our deck and roof.
View from my husband's office building. It's hard to believe it was 81 the day before this picture was taken. 
Making: Kings Cake in cooking class. John took them and their teacher sent back some for me. I love how proud they are of their cooking and how they love to help in the kitchen, even if they don't always eat what they help make.

Feeling: Defiant. I'm trying to convince myself that it's because Nox insists on waking up early, but part of me is saying that it may be more of a phase. He's been trying to push every button and boundary in the book. I think the red hair makes it worse.

Planning: On testing the DNA of zombies, monsters and mummies. The "detectives" (aka Archaeologists) on the King Tut documentary did it, so it must be important.

Loving: Looking at our Project Life albums. John mentions that they are for me...but they really aren't.


Nirupama said...

I can't believe people would be so discouraging to Munch's reading. That is just inexusable. Totally justified to go all mama bear over that one. Yes, whether you are hormonal or not (thought it doesn't help). Stay warm and hang in there! The last few weeks of pregnancy are not easy.

Karen M. Peterson said...

Ugh. Sorry about that reading thing. I don't know why people do that. Maybe I'm weird, but I'm just as impressed when kids have books memorized as I am when they actually read them.

Carol said...

I think it's awful that someone would actually discount a child's attempt at reading. It really doesn't matter if they are actually reading (in your case) or just pretending -- it's all part of the learning and developing a love of books. So, shame on whomever was rude enough to make those comments. Now, I just added to your rant!