Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Project Life: Week 11

Please forgive the pictures today. I hurried through them while Munch was in class. :o/
I went with a green theme for this week and really like how it turned out. 

page one:
The date card this week is a photo of the play room...which I thought looked pretty bad when I printed it, but it's actually a lot cleaner than usual. Munch took a fantastic photo of Nox and I. It's totally one of my favorites. Another favorite from this part of the week is the awesome drawing Munch did of Jack and his friends from Nightmare Before Christmas. It's for sure one of our favorite movies.

insert one:
We went to the zoo this week with my father and sister. It was the boy's first ride on a train, so I used an insert just for the trip. The right side are all pictures Munch took. Pretty sure the journal card is from Jade...also pretty sure it's one of the main reason I got the kit...because I liked that card so much.

insert two:
The Zoo!! We had so SO much fun and the weather was just perfect. We really need to go back soon before it gets hot again. 

insert three:
Some drawings Munch did this week. (Which reminds me, my later pages have started slacking on adding their art work. I need to fix that.) I was really impressed that he remembered how to spell "ZOO" the day after we went. The picture on the right is so happy and lovely...it's funny to think that when he drew it Munch was in one of worse moods. I need to add little notes to both of these. 

page two:
St. Patrick's Day! Usually I get more pictures and more in the spirit, but this year I just wasn't feeling it. I didn't make a traditional Corn Beef and Hash...and totally made green mashed potatoes instead. We had fun though. It's always nice when Gigi comes for dinner. 

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eek said...

Love the green too! I guess this is from 2013?

Lisa Johnson said...

That's such a great thing that you let Munch take pictures and then include those in your album!

I LOVE the green St. Patrick's day page. So fun!

danielle said...

I love the picture he took also!! I see you're catching up. Great pages!

Florence Kang said...

I wish I had your patience to scrapbook. I still haven't finished my first year of teaching one. Maybe this summer... :)

Art @ Home said...

I absolutely ADORE the pretty St. Patrick's Day pages….love the green!