Monday, February 03, 2014

100 Days

Last week I entered my 3rd trimester and on Friday I hit the 100 day mark. Just 100 short days till Silas is due. I always forget how quickly time passes during pregnancy.
It passes too quickly anyway, but with pregnancy there is a deadline...things that need to be done and organized before the little one makes his appearance.

Thankfully it's easier this time. Between the two boys we've collected most of what we need for Silas. We have a couple things I would like to replace, I want new bedding and there are diapers, wipes and probably a little formula to buy, but really...we are pretty much ready for him.
I was planning on making all the stuff for the nursery...but as the time gets closer, I'm moving away from that idea to this adorable Forest Friends bedding. I figure it's toned down enough that I can always add things I have made.

I finished writing up our 40 day list and slowly started working on it this weekend. There are some big tasks on there, but I'm confident we'll be able to get it done. I'm a pro at getting distracted so hopefully this will help keep me focused.


alisha said...

Cute! I am totally a pro at getting distracted too! Can't wait to meet Silas!

Miss Angie said...

Holy cow! Are you so ready to be done?

Karen M. Peterson said...

Wow! 100 days already??

That bedroom set is adorable, btw.

Kayla said...

I can't believe that I am only 50ish days behind you lol. I hope that you share your 40 day list!

Carol said...

This is such adorable bedding! I'm sure you can easily personalize it with your own additions.