Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Project Life : Week 10

Week 10 was my 34th birthday week :o)

Page One:
I finally got a after picture of our master bedroom so I had to include a picture of it here. It's really my favorite room in the house...when it's not the chaotic mess that it currently is. Kaiser got to enjoy a left over jar of peanut butter, which was super fun to watch. This week Nox was firmly attached to a Sonic toy, aka drink guy and we fit in a glorious walk. 

Insert One:
Munch drew a super fun picture of "Bat-Daddy", a character he came up with all on his own. That night during song time he demanded John sing a song about Bat-Daddy. It's now a fairly common request. On the flip side I included some instagrams and a story about Munch. 

Insert Two:
Birthday day stuff. I celebrated my "Hobbit coming of age birthday" and I loved the Gandalf quote included in my Tolkien card from my father. I decided to go on a 7 plus mile run as a gift to myself. SO proud of myself for completing my planned run. Even if it knocked me out for a chunk of the day and caused an injury which meant no running for over a month :o/ That night my mother. sister and brother-in-law went out to dinner with us. We all had a blast. 

Page Two:
 Side one is from our day date into Ft Worth. We had fun shopping at a craft fair, flea market and antique mall. Lunch was at an awesome seafood restaurant. Side two is all a little birthday party the boys wanted to have for me since we didn't have cake at my dinner party. Munch had to take pictures of his food. True child of a blogger. 

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alisha said...

Okay, this whole post is just perfect. Ya'll have song time?! Love it! And love the image my brain came up with of ya'll sitting around John while making up the Bat-Daddy song! And the true child of a blogger! LOL! So cute.

Also... I could swear we've been through this already... I thought you were 8 months younger than me? Now I'm questioning my age..

Lisa Johnson said...

A 7 mile run? Wow, I'm impressed!!!

That Bat-Daddy drawing is too cute.

Hey, I was planning a Project Life get together at my house in Allen towards the end of March. Would that be something you would want to come to?

Karen M. Peterson said...

Happy Belated birthday!

It sounds like it was a pretty great day!

Bat-Daddy is so cute!