Saturday, February 22, 2014

Currently: 2.22.2014

Watching: Haven
Reading: Stardust by Neil Gaiman
Listening: Nox singing along to Bruno Mars on repeat for the past 3 days. (Bruno, you are lucky I love you as much as Nox does.)
Making: Not really making, but I got a 9 cent deal on prints at Walgreens thru the end of I'm working super hard to get as many of my 2013 pictures printed as possible. Just 5 more weeks to finish up. Phew.
Feeling: Sick and kinda miserable, but also thankful. My mother came and stole my boys for a few hours yesterday, so I got some MUCH needed time to rest.
Planning: A prenatal massage at The Red Door followed by lunch with my Mum tomorrow. Lots of childish crying and fit throwing will happen if I'm too sick to go. Seriously...I'll break.
Loving: A picked up house. It needs to be cleaned, but it's picked up. The boys have really impressed me with picking up their toys when they are done with them. I think we have FINALLY learned that when the house is picked up, we can do lots more fun things. Like crafts and floor puzzles.


Karen M. Peterson said...

9 cent prints?? What a killer deal!

Art @ Home said...

I ant wait to read what you think of Stardust. I haven't read it yet!

Kenzie S said...

I hope you are able to get that massage! Oh that is so great that the boys have been keeping their toys picked up - do they want to teach my son how to do that?