Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Project Life: Week 41

Before I share my spread for this week I have some awesome fantastic news! I FINISHED 2012!!! It's done. Completely and totally and I love it. I'm so SO happy I stuck with it, even though I was months and months behind. I took my time and got the pages done the way I wanted them and I love them. Yay!

 Here is week 41. I didn't really have much of a color theme this week. I had done up some cards using digital scraping and just went with what I thought worked for those photos, so I just went with whatever worked. 

page one:
Four of the cards on this page are digitally scrapped, I think all of them using templates by Scrapping with Liz. They are fantastic to have if you like digital scrapping, like I do. This week we started hunting for Halloween on our walks. The boys loved spotting the different decorations people put up. We got to the point where we knew EXACTLY which streets were the best to go down. Nox kept injuring himself...nothing serious, but enough to bandage up, which made him insanely proud. 

insert one:
We went to a local pumpkin patch with a hayride and has SO SO much fun. The boys LOVED getting to ride the ponies and I put together this little collage:
This is John's father, John and Munch all around the age of 4 and all riding ponies. We have the three pictures framed and hanging on one of our gallery walls. It's such a fun little collection to have. 

insert two:
This insert is almost all about Munch's Birthday, opening presents, my thoughts on him turning FOUR and a drive down town to check out Santa Fe Days, which is an awesome event put on by our town to celebrate Native American culture. 

page two:
Lastly, we had Munch's Birthday Party this week and because he's a Halloween junky (like his Mama) AND his birthday is in October we decided to have a costume party. SO SO much fun. I think we are going to do the same thing this year. 

The first card is the invite I made up in photoshop (again using a template by Scrapping with Liz: she's my favorite) and printed up to send out. For the journal card, I sandwiched a couple bats between vellum and orange card stock. It was a fun way to include some of the decoration and make it journaling space. :o)

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Lisa Johnson said...

I ADORE that collage you did of the 3 generations of boys riding ponies. What a FABULOUS idea & something Munch will treasure when he's older. That's SO EXCITING that you're all done with 2012. GO YOU!!!

Pink Ronnie said...

Sooo many cute photos in here!
Ronnie xo

NatalieMartinez said...

Hey Craft Cherry! These pages are getting me really excited for Fall!! Who doesn't love Halloween and pumpkin festivals and hayrides? I am so impressed that you caught up on 2012. I have yet to finish an entire year. I have three Pl albums and they are all 6 months long. Adorable pictures and costumes. Keep scrappin' Natalie @ ArchitectMAMA

NatalieMartinez said...

Hey Craft Cherry! Look at all those Halloween details. Adorable pic and cute costumes. My daughter loved her skeleton pajamas last year. You have me so excited for fall this year. Way to go on getting caught up on 2012. I still have to do that...Natalie @ ArchitectMAMA

alisha said...

Oh my goodness! The pony thing really hits home for me. I have a picture of Rob that his mother gave me that looks so much like those. She said there was a guy that used to just bring his horse around and let the kids hop up for a picture and a short little ride. One of his nephews (that's my age) has one on the same horse in the same spot. I really have to take one of TJ like this. She was always telling me she wished the guy would still come around so we could get one of TJ too one day. Sweet memories of my awesome mil. Where was this? I really must do it!

Nirupama said...

So cute! I love seeing the seasons like this. Congrats on being done with 2012! Such a good feeling.