Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Project Life: Week 34

I really need to start doubling up my weeks. I'm currently finishing off week 43 of 2012. Would be nice if I got to show more 2013 before the year ended ;o)

For week 34 I went with a green and yellow theme:

page one:
I used the view from my bedroom window to make the title card. This week I worked on birthday party projects for Nox's Mickey party, we harvested a "Texas Teardrop Cantaloupe" from our surprise vine in our veggie garden. (please note: this is NOT an actual variety...we just thought the vine was something different, so the huge fruit was hanging on for dear life from a trellis and developed a teardrop shape.) And then Gandalf aka Bear, in one of his favorite cool spots. 

This week was insanely full of felines. These two cuties followed me home from my run. They were so friendly and sweet that I had to bring them in. They spent the day staying cool in the the boys' bathroom, being showered with love. We all wanted to keep them, but it wouldn't have been in anyone's best interest, since we already have 3 cats. One of my best friends works for a vet, so she came and took them. I'm happy to say they were healthy and found good homes in a matter of days. 

page two:
This is a We R Memorykeepers protector. Gotta say, I'm not that fond of it, the long strip on the side stumped me for a while and it's not a 12 inch strip which drove me a little insane. I do like how it turned out in the end, just felt like a pain putting it together. Anyway, this half of the week Munch did a lot of practicing on his letters, the other kitties got showered with more love than they usually do, we got visited by some lizards and Munch went to a Build and Grow with Daddy. (I have to get John to journal in that spot...since I wasn't there.) I also included a recipe for Chicken Parmesan that I made that week. 

That wraps up week 34. I will be linking up with The Mom Creative:

The Mom Creative


Ricki Jill Treleaven said...

Super pages and I love the Texas Teardrop Cantaloupe!

Enjoy the holiday this week!


Emily said...

Love the pretty cats! Glad you were able to find them a home :)

Chrisy Clay said...

Hi Cerise. I really admire your dedication in finishing your 2012 album. I'll be cheering you on from here so we can see some 2013 layouts this year :-)

Anonymous said...

I am always letting that random vine/plant grow in the hopes it is something good (drives my husband nuts)

Nirupama said...

I do like how that WRMK page turned out, but I can see how it would throw you for a loop. I think it is cool to have something different from the usual, and I love long titles. Irish music is wonderful :)

Carol said...

Hi, Cerise. I'm new to your blog via a mutual friend, Ricki Jill. In my recent post, I mentioned Project Life, and RJ said you were into PL, too. I love seeing what other scrapbookers are doing. My blog is more about home decor and organizing, but I occasionally share scrapping and card making. I'm following via Bloglovin!