Monday, July 08, 2013

Project Life: Weeks 35 and 36

Still working hard on 2012...a little nervous about getting caught up now that we are half way into 2013, but I'm not giving up and I am happy with all the notes I've been taking this year, so I should be okay. 

Week 35 I went with a blue and yellow, because it worked with our Nox's birthday party without being overly Mickey all week.

page one:
Note to self: Order more unlined 4x6 index cards. They are so fantastic for getting the kids involved. Munch worked SO hard on learning how to write this week. So proud of him. If you asked Nox what he wanted for his birthday, he would say cake every single time. We also enjoyed some walks and splashing in our little pool. 

For Nox's birthday we went to the Frisco Discovery Center and then to the Mall for carousel rides and a visit to the lego store. That blank card needs to be filled in by John...he and Munch made a train for Nox. I really need to just start handing him cards. :o) 

page two:
This page is all from Nox's Mickey birthday party. I used a template from Scrapping with Liz for the invite and freebies from Sahlin Studios and Britt-ish Designs. I love how many of my Mickey ears ended up in the pictures, they were so simple, but it took me FOREVER to make them. 

Week 36 was actually completed a very long while ago, I think actually on or near it happening. I was going to try and stay current WHILE playing catch up. I didn't much stay on top of that. :o/ Anyway, no color theme here, just random scraps and digi files.

page one:
John gave me flowers to get over an awful morning and Nox thought it was WONDERFUL to be able to give me the flowers over and over. SO cute. We celebrated my little sister's birthday in downtown Dallas. Nox had his wellness visit and took Mickey to get checked out too. Munch had some fun with our balloon Mickey and making Mickey heads in his apples.

page two:
Pretty normal stuff for the next half. My favorite card on this page is the family portrait Munch drew. Another  example of the unruled 4x6 in action. 

As usual I will be linking up with The Mom Creative tomorrow!

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Ricki Jill Treleaven said...

The family portrait should be blown-up and hanging on the wall, my friend.....

Well done!


danielle said...

I love how you put different size pictures in your 4 x 6 slots! It adds so much interest to the page!

cat said...

I love how you use those unlined cards and the very pretty happy pages! Thanks for the visit

Angelica said...

The handdrawn card with your family on is just too cute, great pl pages. Thank you so much for the sweet comment on my blog

Lisa Johnson said...

Great pages, and kudos to you for going back and getting past stuff done. Such a great idea on how to use the 4x6 blank cards & get more of the kids' stuff in the spread.

I didn't know Frisco has a discovery center. We live in Allen, so it's not that far away...maybe Autumn & I will have to go & check it out. :)

Katie from Katie's Nesting Spot said...

Love your pages! My favorites are the little guy's handwritten name and picture. You will always look back and feel a tug at your heart whenever you look at those!