Tuesday, July 09, 2013

My Happy Thoughts

We had such an awesome weekend. I LOVE long weekends with my family. 

4th of July we went to my mother's for some fun in the water and bbq. 
This pretty much sums it up. 

We didn't see any fireworks. The boys skipped naps to splash and play...which was fine with me. Friday we went to a laser show...and that ALMOST counts.

Saturday we went to Target First Saturdays at the Nasher. Security was a little wacko, but we managed to have fun anyway. 

THEN lunch at the food trucks at Klyde Warren Park, followed by some fun at the playground there. The boys are definitely Texan...the heat was NOTHING to them.  

The boys fell asleep before we had even gone a block, but woke up in time for ice cream.

We had a wonderful, quiet Sunday, the perfect end to the perfect weekend. 

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alisha said...

Sounds awesome! Well, except for missing the fireworks. We love fireworks! I think the only year I've ever missed them was when I was in the hospital with Lexi!

Ricki Jill Treleaven said...

Such adorable photos....and look at all that sunshine! I'm jealous. But we did get some sun yesterday (YAY)

Laser shows are cool....I bet that was fun!

That first photo is very neat, and I hope to see it on a scrapbook page in the near future.

Thanks for linking-up to My Happy List!


Arianna Cooper said...

100 percent jealous of your Saturday adventures at the Nasher and Klyde Warren. Missing you and Dallas! xoxo