Monday, July 22, 2013

Project Life: Weeks 39 and 40

I'm currently working on December 2012. Almost DONE with the year. Super excited with how fast it's gone since getting the pictures printed. 

Here is week 39. Purple and red seemed to work well with the pictures this week. 

page one:
I saw the car photo somewhere on Pinterest and had to recreate it, the boys have an insane amount of Hot Wheels to work with. I don't think this is even a third of it. It's the end of September and we decided to get a jump on Halloween planning. 

page two:
I seem to use Design E a lot, which is interesting because I'm not all that fond of working with it. Although, I do like the end results most of the time. I took some shots of Munch with the witch hat for his Halloween themed birthday party and Nox had to get in on the action. We harvested a surprise Honey Dew this week and started crafting with some dollar store skulls. 

Week 40 is mostly blue and orange:

page one:
More harvesting...tiny Texas Pecans from our backyard...which I actually didn't harvest correctly, because they were bitter and awful when we tried them. Better luck next year though. I included a shot of the boys boots. They LIVED in them this past Fall and Winter and they were so sweet lined up by our fireplace. Also included a "tragic" moment. Munch took our ipod touch to the bathroom with him and dropped it in the toilet, poor thing didn't survive. Everyone was VERY upset...Munch drew this picture telling the story of the was too funny not to include. 

I really MUST get my husband to fill out his this point it will take him a whole day, I have so many. Anyway, John went to Austin for an interview so I included a few pictures he took on his trip, one the day he left and another of the coffee maker with instructions...cause I'm that useless around the machine. 

page two:
This was a hard page, I had already printed my photos and had a layout in my head and then when I went to complete the page realized I had WAY more stories to tell than I originally thought. I didn't want to forget a sweet moment between Munch and Nox and I want to always remember how Munch was introduced to Harry Potter (via Quidditch) and how he wants to go to Hogwarts, just so he can play. But it worked out. I've been saving remnants of protectors I've cut apart and was able to make a couple flip pockets with some washi. We'll see how they hold up, but I'm quite pleased with them. Here's a couple detail shots. 

I'll be linking up with The Mom Creative! (On Wednesday this week!)

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Nirupama said...

Good for you! Fall is a great time to include some purple. Can barely type bc pf a finger strain, but great pages!

Carol said...

Just saw that you had popped in to see and comment on my Buttons, Bunting & Cute Labels post. I truly appreciate you comments. I'm always excited to see how other bloggers are using PL. I've been incorporating it into my regular scrapbooking pages for awhile now and really like it -- definitely speeds things up. I haven't done any posts about it, but I'm thinking I should do that. Thanks for sharing your ideas!

Ricki Jill Treleaven said... must know that I really love the pages with the MacBeth quote on them. How adorable for Halloween PL pages!!! :D

I love seeing your pages, and I will post my Smash Book pages either tomorrow or Thursday.


Lisa Johnson said...

I ♥ that shot of all the cars around the boy's heads!

Also, that picture of the boy's boots on the fireplace is too precious. That's exciting that you're almost all done with 2012!

Julia said...

I love these scrap pages!!! What a great idea. Im a digital girl myself but these are fantastic! Oh and by the way I love your blog design... so cute!