Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Welcome Home Wednesday: Munch's Cave: After

A little late tonight, but I'm finally getting my post up! 

I found a WAY before picture of Munch's room. This is the room as we first saw it. It looks so small. (You can see more before pictures and read more about it HERE.)

Here are the after shots. It's pretty close to his rooms in our other homes, but it's still a big change from what it was and the blue is a little lighter and less bright than what we had previously gone with.
Munch loves to sit on his book case and look out the window.

 Hubby made the art board for all Munch's projects. We haven't switched them out for a while, because Munch remembers doing those particular ones with his Gigi and he LOVES them.

The window looks so dirty in this picture. It's clean, but old. One of the big things on our list of things to do one day.

Had to show a close up of Munch's bed. We started having trouble with him going down for naps, so we would give him a book to read until he fell asleep. At some point he started placing them next to his mattress. He knows exactly what books are there and EXACTLY where he has put them. Don't try to move them...he'll notice.
I'm pretty pleased with how the room turned out. Munch likes it and really that is all that matters.


alisha said...

Again, I love both your boys' rooms! And the books are so cute in the bed. Is he actually reading them??? How's that coming along?

Ricki Jill Treleaven said...

:D What a cute room! And I relly love the book storage.