Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Happy Thoughts

I'm actually pretty stressed at the moment, but I do have a lot to be happy about...which makes it a little easier.

Munch is almost completely potty trained...as of this weekend. I won't get into details, cause I really don't think anyone wants to read those...but YAY...4 and a half and we are FINALLY FINALLY there. I really thought we would be graduating high school in diapers...

Nox is kind of following suit. We had our first potty success on Monday and another today, but I know we have a long journey ahead of us...baby steps. It would be insanely awesome if I could get them both trained by the end of the summer.

John and I celebrated our 8 year wedding anniversary last week. I read somewhere...that while 8 isn't considered a landmark anniversary...it is cool in that if you lay an  8 on it's side it becomes an infinity symbol.
We went out for dinner...and ended up coming home before 10...my mother actually laughed at us. To be fair, Nox has been getting up at 6am...and John did have to work....OR maybe we are just lame in our old age. We still had fun.

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Ricki Jill Treleaven said...

Congratulations on your 8th wedding anniversary! I remember the potty training days....my oldest daughter was 3, and she had her binkie until she was 7.

She's now on the Dean's List in college. ;P


alisha said...

Congratulations on all!!! It certainly can be much easier training the 2nd one when they are close enough in age. I bet they are both trained by the end of summer! Happy Anniversary! And I totally feel you on coming home so early, it happens.

Patty said...

I remember when our daughter still wet the bed at age 10! I was so worried and they took her tonsils out and it helped. Weird. Anyway, congrats on your milestones and Happy Anniversary! I love the infinity symbol thought.

Nirupama said...

Happy Anniversary!!! Getting out at all is major, even if only until 10 :)
Hooray for potty training. Seriously huge!

Arianna Cooper said...

Love these happy thoughts!

Anonymous said...

Happy anniversary and congratulations. I liked your story about coming home early - we are always home by 10, too. :)

PURN!MA said...

Hi! My first time here. Congratulations on your wedding anniversary and yeah the potty training bit. I am trying to train one myself. wish me luck!