Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Project Life: Book Two Title Page and Weeks 31 and 32

Forgive the fuzzy photos. I will get it right eventually. 
So SO excited to get to work on Book Two....even MORE excited that 2012 photos are ALL printed. 

Book Two 2012 starts August 1st and will run through to the end of the year. 
I'm really loving this spread. The picture of John and I was taken by Munch. LOVE it. 

Week 31:
I've noticed that more and more of my spreads have got color themes for the week. I'm really loving that. It feels like I have FINALLY found my style. 

Week 31 Page 1:
This first spread is all about John's birthday. Fun day. Presents, a trip to The Gaylord Texan and a little party to end the day. 

Week 31 Insert:
 Munchman helped me make a banner to celebrate. He had just started learning how to write. SO SO proud of him. 

Week 31 Page 2:
Pretty average rest of the week. John got contacts for the first time in forever. Until this week I had only seen him with glasses. It took some getting used to. The last column is at my the in-law's. Munch and Nox love hanging out with their cousins and this particular time up to "The Land" included meeting the quail and gathering their eggs. John did the journaling, since I wasn't there. :o)

Week 32:
Greens, Blues and Grays to kinda work with the Olympic stuff. 

Week 32 Page 1:
John found a site that told you which Olympian you were most like according to height and weight. I matched up with a weight lifter, which I still find hysterical because I have ZERO upper body strength. Nox developed a VERY strong love of Buzz Lightyear and started blaming things on Kaiser. 

Week 32 Page 2:
I took pictures for Nox's second birthday party invite. I remember thinking how heart breaking it was that my baby was turning two. Now he'll be THREE is just a couple months. 
Munch is turning into a HUGE tree hugger. Super cute. John took Munch to a Lowe's Build and Grow AND did the journaling. 

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Chrisy Clay said...

Wow Cerise, these are great. Really agree that l think you've found your style, and it’s wonderful. I think using a colour theme is probably the easiest way of bringing your layouts together.
Have to mention how lovely the insert banner is - a great way to record your child's handwriting.

cat said...

I love all the happy colours. I have to say that I have no idea if I will be able to do a retrospect Project Life album- I think I will simply just not remember that far back.

Thanks for your comment - I have done quite a few other cinnamon weeks if you want to look back - (weeks 15, 16, 17 and 19). It is a lovely kit.

Lisa Johnson said...

I ADORE your opening spread! Those filler cards are so fun. Where are they from?

What a great picture of your & your husband that Munch captured!

Also, that banner that Munch did is TOO CUTE! What a great idea & way to include it.

Melanie Britt said...

Lovin the bright colors. And that banner with the handwriting is adorable! :)