Friday, November 16, 2012

Thankful Tree

I've seen the idea of a Thankful Tree around a lot this month and I really loved the idea, so I went with it. Plus, it's a great excuse to leave my Halloween tree it can transition from Halloween, to Thanksgiving and then Christmas. Yay! I love having it up.

I had a Groupon for Vistaprint last month and had a few extra dollars to spend, so I decided to make these.
 They are personalized business cards and start at 5.99 for 25. I ordered 50 and have been writing little notes on what I'm thankful for every day.
I used clothes pins to attach them to my tree. (Which Nox LOVES pulling down, so I may have to rethink that next year.)
Munch helped by adding some finishing touches.
He's been collecting leaves lately and we finally decided to do some leaf rubbings, nothing special just lined paper, crayons and cut out and placed on the tree.
Then, Munch has been bugging me to let him use scissors...and I FINALLY let him. He drew some fantastic leaves on blue and orange construction paper and he helped me cut them out to make ornaments.
We LOVE our tree and Munch is really proud of himself for helping me SO much with it. 
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stephanievarno said...

Oh my goodness, what a cute idea the thankful cards are! I'm going to have to remember to do that next year.

April said...

What a sweet idea! I love the leaves on the tree. And what fun you can have keepsake-ing them when you are done!! LOVE!