Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Project Life: Week 12

Just one week, this time. I took advantage of Shutterfly's 101 free prints over Halloween, I didn't get all 101 prints together in time, but I am waiting on 4 weeks worth of photos, so I'm excited about that!
This week as I was going through my old emails, I found one I had written to my mother and sister, the first day Nox had said "I Love You." I had missed writing it in his baby book and would have completely missed it if I hadn't decided to start Project Life and play catch up from the beginning of the year. I adore this project and I am SO SO happy to have started it.

Week 12:
Page 1:
 It rained a lot on our first week of spring. So much, that our back yard flooded and looked more like a pond. Munch promptly named it Lake Bubbles, because of the bubbles the rain formed on the water.
Page 2:
The bottom left is of Munch making an "L" for his name. He was super proud to have figured it out...and I was pleasantly surprised that a phone picture printed so well into a 4x6. The right side is all Nox's first haircut. We got curls to save and a cute first haircut mat/frame, but those will go in his baby album.
 Another fun thing about doing PL is having my kiddos help me. Munch was SO excited when I asked him to pick out the stickers for my Silly Couch Monsters card. He loves pointing out stuff that HE has done in the album.
 I will be linking up with The Mom Creative.
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Katie's Nesting Spot said...

I'm so glad you unearthed that gem of a memory in your inbox. So great you had something to do with it & included in PL!

rachel said...

it's awesome! love your colorful papers.

Tamara said...

That's what I love about PL, you get to include all those 'little' things, that in the grand scheme of things are some of the most important.
Loving your pages every week!


Amanda said...

Looks great!! I love the colors you used!

Jen T said...

A first haircut is always fun! Love the "L" picture! Cute kids!

dnsvm said...

Love your patterned paper---esp. the umbrella one!!! The "L" picture is my favorite!

Lisa Johnson said...

I need to be better about including my 5 year old daughter in the Project Life binder. I usually just take the pictures and do the journaling, but I bet she would LOVE the chance to help out. Thanks for the idea! :)

Nirupama said...

Great spread! Love all the fun patterns you included.