Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Project Life

Well...I got nothing for ya this week. My Shutterfly order didn't come in until super late today...so meh. Next week I'll be completely back on track.
I DO have a question though...where do you get your prints from?
I usually order from CVS, but found that the prints were getting darker and darker...and then this recent order from Shutterfly the pictures were 4 by not quite 6...just enough off to annoy me.

And because I feel guilty not leaving you with ANYTHING...here are a few pictures from my week:
the best cupcakes ever from my lovely auntie mk

 the munchman and k-dog enjoying a snuggle
poor little nox had a fever on wednesday. thankfully it was a 24 hour bug. 

we had faux thanksgiving leftover pies. scrummy. i think every day should be thanksgiving...or we should at least have the leftovers.

 munch had a lot of fun collecting leaves...they just started turning here.
my little sis (of lavender and pink) and the munchman after our photo shoot.
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Sammy said...

cupcakes, yum!

i print my pictures from home with an epson printer i ordered off amazon. i know some people think it can get expensive but it isn't so bad. i recycle the ink cartridges at staples and they give you $2 back for it, which i use towards more ink. i try to buy the photo paper when it's on sale at amazon or other places. i like the luxury of printing at home instead of waiting for them!

it would definitely annoy me too if it wasn't exactly 4x6!

stephanievarno said...

Looking forward to seeing your spreads! Those Thanksgiving leftover pies look delicious!!

I usually use Shutterfly for all of my prints. I've been pleased with their quality. Mpix is great too if you want a more professional quality print.

Lisa Johnson said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog. I go for total convenience and just get my pictures printed at WalMart. I'm too impatient to wait for them to come via mail. Plus, that way I can pick them up when I'm doing my grocery shopping.

rachel said...

i do costco for my prints. (the lady in the photo center knows me by name now, and even commented when i cut 12 inches off of my hair!) but i'm not entirely satisfied. they are definitely darker than they look on my camera or my computer. what's with that?

Jessica B said...

I usually use Snapfish because I usually am printing a month of PL at a time. But, sometimes I use Walmart or CVS. I found that different CVS places print different quality. Don't know why that is though. Maybe age of the machines?

Thank you for stopping by my blog! Love the pictures you are leaving us with this week. Can't wait to see next weeks PL.