Friday, November 02, 2012

Our Halloween

I hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween! The boys had a great time.
Munch was a skeleton and Nox was the devil. It was really funny watching people react to Nox. Almost everyone said "Oh! A skeleton....and a devil?" Like it was some awful taboo thing...
 unless the house was completely decked out and then people seemed excited that two such "scary" characters had showed up at their doorstep.
Where do people go on Halloween? When I was a kid we started almost right after school and stopped well after the sun went down. Every house was lit up and hoards of children filled the sidewalk.
 Our neighborhood isn't like that. Most of the houses were dark and there were only a few pockets of kids, but we were determined to take the boys out.

The lack of trick or treaters did make for some good trick or treating though. At some houses the boys were given handfuls of candy. Nox actually got extra candy at one house because the lady thought his "Thank You" was so cute.
Somehow we managed to end our Halloween without a massive sugar high. We looked through our hoard, removed the stuff that would be too hard on little teeth and each had a couple pieces before heading to bed.
I am linking up with The Mom Creative. Go check out the other cute Trick or Treaters that were out this Halloween!


Lisa Johnson said...

What a CUTE idea to stick suckers/lollipops into a pumpkin and let trick-or-treaters take one. ♥ that idea! I'll have to "pin" it so I can remember it for next year!

Your boys are so cute, and that's funny that people were so shocked that they were dressed up as a skeleton & devil. :)

the J in PJs Til Noon said...

Haha! That is too funny. You can only choose one scary costume, didn't you know? Ha!
We had church and had to go after. Everything was shut down by that time, so we swung by a friend's. They hadn't had many tricksters, so she loaded the kids up.
Saved our candy-lovin'selves!

Katie's Nesting Spot said...

In our neighborhood we have set trick or treat hours 5:30-7:30 which is nice because you can finish dinner without having to worry about getting a knock on the door. We have a lot of families so we go through a few big bags each year. This time it was so cold I was giving handfuls to anyone who braved the winds! Our little guy only wen to one house but our Angel went around a couple of blocks. I think the devil is such a cute and classic costume. I wonder why some reacted that way. I am glad they still got out and got some candy!

Amber said...

Cute boys! I think their costumes are great. My daughter was a devil last year and I thought it was the perfect costume for a toddler. ;)

Janet said...

Your little guys are adorable and got quite the haul. I think a lot of people go to Trunk or Treat type events or go to bigger neighborhoods for TorT. We don't have a lot of kids TorT'ing in our neighborhood here and only about half the houses give out candy. When we lived in Kentucky, we were one of the neighborhoods people came to for ToT'ing and most of the houses were decorated and gave out candy.

Nirupama said...

Love the spooky costumes you picked! Isn't it funny how people feel so strongly about Halloween these days? Everyone dressed spooky when I was growing up.

Lindsay Y. said...

I think their costumes are cute! Well, "manly" cute, that is :-) And our block is the same - most people are either gone, or just don't turn their lights on - so we drove to a neighborhood that was way more fun!