Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Project Life Weeks 13 and 14

I thought I was taking these pictures at a great time...in a great place. Not so much, the pictures are a little darker than I would like, but I'm making do.
Week 13:

 Page 1:
 I love the sharing yogurt pictures in the top corner...they aren't anything amazing to look at, but it was SUCH a sweet moment between the boys. Gotta love it when they share. This week my hubby cooked Agave Mashed Sweet Potatoes. They were really yummy so I went ahead and made a recipe card. I need to get a photo album to put my recipe card duplicates that I made to keep in the kitchen.
Page 2:
 The Texas Bluebonnets were in full bloom this week so we had to go take pictures. I got some really great pictures, but I think I finally learned, that instead of making the kids pose for each picture I should just go with it...a whole lot less stressful.
Week 14 with an insert:

Page 1:
 This week there were a bunch of tornadoes that touched down in our area, including one that hit a few blocks away. Thankfully, our home was untouched. I did include some pictures that my husbands coworker shared.
 This was our very first egg decorating. Munch LOVED it. Lennox pitched a fit and ended up in bed early.
Page 2:
Easter Sunday. It was such a nice, lovely day. The boys got TWO baskets and loved hunting for eggs.
I thought I would also share a freebie I found this morning. Vioscrap created a A4 size album and generously shared the templates for it.
I used a couple today getting more pages ready and they crop really nicely to 4x6.
I'm linking up with The Mom Creative. Go check out everyone's awesome pages!

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Have an AMAZING Thanksgiving!!


Nirupama said...

Love your spreads!! The bluebonnet pictures you took came out so well. The colors and details are fab :)

Violaine Meunier said...

Thanks for talking about template and me !

Sammy said...

love the pictures in the field! They look great! I also need to make a recipe book for all the things I have made, I sometimes forget where I got it from and just think "NOOOOO!"

great job!!

Lisa Johnson said...

I ♥ your idea of including a recipe card into the PLife spread.

Aren't bluebonnet pics the best? That's one of the many things I love about living in Texas.

Great spreads.

stephanievarno said...

These are wonderful spreads! I absolutely love the flower photos!!

Kelli @ WhimsiKel said...

Thanks for your sweet comment, Cerise! I definitely support getting an iPad; we love ours for so many reasons. :) I love your spreads this week. The pic of your boys sharing yogurt just makes my heart happy, and the agave mashed sweet potatoes sound delicious. I love the idea of including recipes; in fact I'm planning to include some Thanksgiving recipes in last week's spread.