Monday, May 06, 2013

Project Life: Week 28

I'm happy to report that I'm still making good progress....although I did get a little distracted during iNSD. Did anyone score any fun deals?

full spread:
This is the first week (I think) that I didn't number. Do you think I should add one, or just leave it?

page one:
The boys and I had breakfast with one of my best friends and her daughter, I won a kaboo bag and it came in the mail! Also girls night with my sister and cousin. I started mixing in the Cherry edition core kit I got from  a blog swap. I also used a stamped card...which is rare for me. I really need to use my stamps more and use them a little more creatively. 

page one detail:
My favorite card on page one is my kaboo bag card. I painted during one of our painting sessions. I'm so happy I put it to use! I used an address label for the journaling. 

page two:
went completely digital on this side. I included a couple recipes we tried this week. The sundried tomatoes were made using tomatoes from our own garden. The fruit for the cobbler was all from our local farmers market. The honey dew is also homegrown. It was a surprise in our veggie garden. We compost and this was an awesome gift from our compost bin. 

page two detail:
I really love our collection of instagrams from our trip to the farmers market. It was such a fun day. 

I will be linking up with The Mom Creative tomorrow. 

The Mom Creative


Anonymous said...

I love your pages! I wish that I could get into scrapbooking :D

Chrisy Clay said...

Hi Cerise. Lovely layout as always. Really like how you split a 6x4 photo over 2 pockets and then included 6 mini photos in a 6x4 pocket...adds lot of visual interest.

Katie from Katie's Nesting Spot said...

I did manage to stay away from most of the iNSD temptation. Not that I wanted to but I don't need another thing and need to use up my stash. I had just done a Stash Bash event through a group I belong to so it had me staying good on the purchases.

Candace said...

great pages

Benlovesting said...

All look beautiful! X

Nirupama said...

Beautiful pages. Love how well your colorful photos match with the cherry edition. Lots of great vwggies grown!