Thursday, May 02, 2013

May Goals

Meh, I'm way late writing this post. I'm still a freaking mess. It's getting depressing. I cannot believe it's May already. This year is completely flying by. I guess the year always does...

April Recap:

*Start tracking my food again. Nope...okay...a few days...and then not so much. Ugh. 
*I kinda have been dragging on working out since my birthday injury, but I need to get myself back in gear. Not so much...a was really good some days...
*Start up a shop on Etsy or Storenvy. YES!! I DID IT!! So excited, because it took me forever...BUT YAY: Craftcherry is open over at Storenvy!
* I've gotten a little bit of an itch to sew lately, which I haven't had in a I want to get a couple things completed this month. Not so much....I DID buy fabric. I even prewashed it. But I did not cut it. Bah.

Okay, seriously need to fix this funk...and for May I've put even more on my plate. But first, let's pause for a happy intermission and maybe make a little wish. Wishes are fun right?

May Goals:
*Track my food. I don't know why this is so hard. I've done it problem. I NEED to do it again. 
*Work out. Need to find my motivation. If someone finds it...can you PLEASE send it back to me? (Tonight I am setting my alarm to get out for a walk or run in the morning...hopefully a run.)
*Add more items to the shop. 
*Digi scrap our 2013-2014 calendar (ours starts in USED to start in March, cause that's when we first moved in year I was a now it's June.)
*Blog more and be a better bloggy friend. I've just been awful at keeping up with reading and writing blogs. I promise, I'm still here!
*Make some me time. 
*Family and friends...time...make it. 

Phew okay. Ready to make this month better than the last and linking up with Angie.
Monthly Goals


Miss Angie said...

You have totally got this! Good job getting your store up, it's so cute! :)

Beth W said...

You can do it! Time management is so tough, but so necessary for a busy gal like yourself...and I have absolutely done that exact same thing with fabric/sewing. But after a year or two, I did eventually start sewing again, so you will, too! (Hopefully in May, not in a year).
Keep that forward got the StoreEnvy up, and now it's time to work out, work it, and create!